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The Benefits of Decluttering Your Home Before Listing It

Planning to sell your home soon? To get the most bang for your buck, be ruthless in your decluttering before listing. Here are the reasons why it's so important and beneficial!One of the most important steps in preparing your home for sale is to declutter it. We can’t stress enough the importance of a clutter-free home when listing it on the market. Before any home staging can take place, it first has to be decluttered.

Even some of the most beautiful, organized homes will benefit from decluttering before selling. It has several important benefits that help sell a home faster and for top dollar in a competitive market.

Here are four huge benefits of decluttering a home before listing it to get the most bang for your buck.

Benefits of Decluttering for Home Staging

It makes the home look larger

Clutter is one of the worst offenders for making a home look smaller than it is. Even a large, open floor plan can be made to look cramped and unappealing if there is too much furniture, décor, and miscellaneous items stuffed into the space.

Having as little around as possible will make your home appear larger and more open. Only keep the necessary pieces of furniture, getting rid of anything that impedes traffic flow, and edit your décor with just enough to give it warmth and define each space.

It increases the perceived value of the home

Homes with a lot of clutter tend to look like they haven’t been maintained well. While the house may actually be clean, the perception from buyers will be that it’s not. Clutter-free homes with streamlined décor are far more appealing and give buyers the confidence that it has been taken care of over the years. The fewer items and furniture there are around, the more upscale it will appear to be.

It keeps buyers from getting distracted

When most buyers are touring a home, they can be easily distracted by things like personal items and clutter. The more items there are around, the more there is for them to look at rather than paying attention to the home itself. To draw their attention to the home’s strongest selling features, remove all possible distractions. Instead, use the décor you keep to highlight the home’s best features without stealing the show.

It helps buyers imagine themselves in the space

Walking through someone else’s home is uncomfortable for most people. Having constant reminders of this increases that awkwardness and can spill over into how buyers feel about the home itself. Clearing out all the clutter helps them see the home as a neutral space rather than one owned by someone else and gives them the opportunity to start imagining what life would be like if they lived there.

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A beautiful home sells faster.

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