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Be Aware Of The Competition To Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Selling Your Home

An article in the Vancouver Sun a couple of weeks ago caught my eye. It reported that more properties are listed for sale in the fall than the summer, and so the increase in availability can make it more difficult for sellers to get noticed. The article suggested that staying aware of similar and comparable properties can help a seller maximize their chances for a sale.

It’s certainly a unique premise. We usually think of the interested buyers as the ones who spend hours poring over every listings website and newspaper classifieds page; they are the ones who go from open house to open house in the hopes of finding something that just clicks. Despite that, there’s no reason why as a seller, you shouldn’t be doing the same sort of research, so you can tell how your home compares. There are three factors that the article offers as points for comparison.

  • Price: If a house two streets away, that’s of a similar age and style to yours, is on the market at a significantly higher price, find out why. What does that house have that yours doesn’t?
  • Condition: We have talked before about why clutter and mess are very harmful to your chances of making a sale. If a rival property looks in better shape than yours, strive to make yours better.
  • Presentation: This is obviously the most important factor to us. You can always get some staging ideas from looking at other properties. This can work both ways – you might see a technique or an accessory that would be great in your own home, which you can then use; or you might see something that you think looks distasteful, and you’ll know not to repeat it.

Armed with this kind of knowledge about rival properties, you are sure to make YOUR property more marketable, and thereby increase its chances of a prompt sale!

A beautiful home sells faster.

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