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Cooler Weather Calls For A Clean Garage

Scrub down and Touch Ups: Wash everything! Scrub the walls, sweep the floors, clear the cobwebs from corners, and dust any window sills. Wash down the garage door. Outdoor spaces can accumulate lots of muck over the years, so clean your garage as if it’s an indoor space. Some families consider it as such, so they will want to see an attractive room, clear of any dirt. You might want to consider using a pressure washer. If you rent one, go ahead and pressure wash your driveway, and any tough dirt and mold stains on your home’s exterior. Flooring is critical – inside and out. You wouldn’t tour people through your home if the carpet was pulling up, so if there is paint peeling from the floor, be sure to repaint or perhaps consider an outdoor carpet. This is very appealing to someone who values their car and wants it to fit nicely and not get hit by bikes, etc. Purge!!! Clean out the belongings that you do not need, and donate them to charity. The point here is to minimize the number of storage boxes and bins sitting around on the garage floor, or even on storage shelving. Even if you have to clear boxes of belongings and rent a temporary storage unit to get it out of your home, do it! Just like the indoor rooms, the last thing prospective buyers want to see is an overcrowded garage space. If your storage of camping supplies and lawn care tools does not appear to fit comfortable in the square footage allotted, then the buyers will see this right away. Their most immediate thought will be, “If they can’t fit all their outdoor stuff in this garage, then I sure won’t be able to either.” Alternatively, when you present your garage as neat, clean and clutter-free, prospects will admire your ability to live an organized life. The perceived life of orderliness will tug on their heart strings and help them envision themselves living that type of lifestyle in your home. Final Touches: Here’s a hot tip that most sellers don’t think of: if your garage stores your pest control artillery, tuck those roach sprays and mouse traps out of sight. If you don’t hide these, your buyers might imagine themselves stumbling upon a rodent in your home if they bought it. What a turn-off! Conclusion: The garage is key in showing your home at its best. Clean it up, get it clear of clutter, and it can really become a selling point in setting you apart from the competition down the street. Put on some gloves and get going!]]>

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