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7 of the Most Overlooked Cleaning Spots in Your Home

Are you sure you're getting EVERY part of your home clean? Some of these spots most people miss may surprise you!Everyone wants to have a clean home. When your house is clean, it is a much more relaxing environment. But do you ever get the feeling it’s just not as clean as it could be, even after you’ve just cleaned? Or maybe you even think it’s as clean as it possibly could be, but the truth is ─ there are some commonly overlooked areas that even the most housekeeping-conscious homeowners forget about.

These spots are easy to miss for various reasons, from blending into a room to simply being out of reach. Even if you don’t think you notice them, subconsciously they are playing into how clean the house looks and feels. They can also be affecting you physically by keeping harmful dust and germs in the air.

Getting your home as clean as possible is one of our top home staging tips, too, so if you are selling a home and want to impress buyers, it’s imperative that it is sparkling clean.

To make sure your whole house is truly as clean as possible, make sure these house cleaning tips are on your to-do list:

Commonly Overlooked Cleaning Spots in the Home

1) Baseboards

The baseboards are some of the most forgotten features in a home, even though they are in every room. We keep the floors clean but the baseboards often catch just as much dust, dirt, and grime as the floors themselves do. The fact that most baseboards are white makes the filth stand out even more.

Regularly cleaning your baseboards will make a huge difference on the cleanliness of your home. People often won’t realize just how much of an effect they have on the overall aesthetic until they wipe down and touch up the baseboards. Definitely put this on your seasonal cleaning list ─ and don’t list your home without checking off this important step!

2) Air Vents

Air vents collect dust and filter it out, but a lot of it can get stuck on the grates that you see. They are often tucked away or up in the ceiling, so it’s easy to overlook them when you clean. Make sure you regularly wipe them down and change out the filters so your home will not only look cleaner but the air you’re breathing will be cleaner, too.

3) Ceiling Fans and Glass Globes

Ceiling fans are some of the biggest offenders for collecting layers and layers of dust. When you turn them on, some of the loose dust will get redistributed back into the air which is very unhealthy. Get a ladder and wipe them down once a month or once every few months. Your lungs and sinuses will thank you!

4) Knobs, Handles and Switches

These elements tend to blend in with the walls and doors so we forget all about the dust that accumulates on and around them. Germs can also spread quickly on these areas, so use anti-bacterial cleaner on them to disinfect and polish them regularly.

5) Window Blinds

Window blinds can be a bit of a pain to clean, but they make a huge difference on the overall cleanliness of your home. They cover a large area and dust accumulates quickly on them, so it’s important to wipe them down regularly. Wipe each slat individually – top and bottom – to be sure that they’re completely clean.

6) Interior Doors

Interior doors are magnets for dust, dirt, and scuffs that happen over time. These things can make your home feel worn down. To combat them, wipe down the doors at least once a month, paying extra attention to any details such as molding or insets where dust will be particularly apt to gather. Then, touch up any scuffs or marks left behind with some fresh paint to make them look brand new. Do the same process to the door frames.

7) Refrigerator, Washing Machine and Dryer

Most people know to clean out the inside of their refrigerator regularly, but cleaning under and behind it is another story. Lots of food particles, dirt, and dust will gather there that makes your kitchen a lot less clean than you are under the impression it is. The same thing happens behind the washing machine and dryer, so take the time to move these appliances and clean under and behind them every so often.

Follow these cleaning tips and your home will be sparkling in no time!

A beautiful home sells faster.

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