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Common Organizing Blunders That Make Your House Look Messy

Are you making any of these common organizing blunders that are actually making your home look messier? Read on to see what they are and how to fix them!Are you always trying to keep your home clean and yet feel like your efforts fall short because somehow, it still looks messy? Don’t worry, a lot of people experience this same issue.

If your home always seems to look messy despite your greatest efforts, there’s a chance you’ve fallen into the trap of some common organizing mistakes. The good news is that they are simple to fix!

Here are the most common organizing mistakes that make your house look messy and how to quickly fix them.

Common Organizing Mistakes

Confusing clean with organized

Perhaps the most common mistake people make when trying to keep an organized home is assuming if items are in neat piles, it’s organized. For example, if you have a stack of mail on the kitchen counter along with a few other piles of items that have accumulated there, it will look cluttered, regardless of how tidy the piles are.

To keep away the clutter, create a designated spot for everything and stay diligent about putting things away rather than leaving them on the counter or another surface to be put away “later.” Later rarely comes!

Filling every possible space

It can be tempting to fill every bit of floor and wall space, especially in a small space. If space is limited, it’s definitely smart to take advantage of available space to make the most of what you have, but leaving some negative space in between is important, too. By having some open space – floor space, wall space, and surface space – with nothing on it, it creates visual openness that makes the home look and feel less cluttered.

Magnets and notes on the refrigerator

While it’s a lot of fun to decorate the refrigerator, it can make your kitchen look a lot messier than it is. All the different colors and shapes create a cluttered look. If you don’t want to get rid of them completely, limit the number of magnets that are on it at any given time and try to choose ones that are uniform. The same goes for notes – hang one magnetized notepad that is streamlined and suits the style of your kitchen.

Cluttered shelving

Filling your bookcases and shelves to the max can make them look stuffed and cluttered. Instead, edit them down and leave some negative space in between items so they can breathe. Collectibles and small knick-knacks tend to make a room look very cluttered. Limit the number of small items you use. If you do want to display a collection, keep the items grouped together and edit down the rest of the shelving so the focus is on the collection and the rest of the shelving is streamlined.

Shopping without a plan

If you go shopping for organizational tools and storage before you’ve taken stock of what you have, you’re likely to end up very frustrated when you end up not having what you need. Instead, declutter first and figure out exactly what you need to organize. Once you’ve put a plan together, it will be easy to figure out what tools you need to make it happen. That way, you can get exactly what you need from the get-go rather than guessing and not being able to finish organizing things because you don’t have what you need.

A mess of cords

Cords can be a very annoying part of technology. While we love our gadgets, dealing with the cords is not so fun. Not only do they accumulate a lot of dust, but they also look messy and unattractive. Thankfully, there are some great items on the market and DIY tricks that can take care of unsightly cords. Use a cord corral or tape them to the back of an entertainment center or desk to keep them out of the way.

Not using labels

Once you’ve organized a space, it’s important to remember where everything goes. If you’ve used a lot of matching boxes, baskets, or containers, you may struggle to remember what goes where. Take the time to label each storage container so you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for, and so it will be easier for you to put things away after using them.

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