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7 Easy and Affordable Last-Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Throwing a last-minute Halloween party and need some inspiration? Check out these easy (and budget-friendly) Halloween party ideas you can put together quickly! Halloween is right around the corner and suddenly, you have a party to plan. Whether time got away from you or you just decided you want to throw one, you now have a list of things to do to get everything ready before the guests arrive.

Of course, you want things to look as festive as possible. On a limited schedule and budget, that can seem like a challenge, but there are a lot of easy, budget-friendly ways to throw a fun and stylish Halloween party.

Here are some creative ideas that will delight your guests.

Quick and Easy Halloween Party Ideas

Creepy dessert, coffee or snack bar

It’s easy to turn a food table into a ghoulish smorgasbord with a few creative twists. For a coffee bar, for example, display some of the coffee grounds as though they were dirt and add little candy worms or gravestones. Various other desserts and snacks can be easily transformed or labeled to be given a fun Halloween twist.

Easy ghost tablecloths

White tablecloths are perfect for turning any table into a festive setting. Simply drape a white tablecloth – plastic or fabric – over the table, then glue black felt ovals or paint them on to serve as the mouth and eyes of a ghost. And voila! Easy as that.

Halloween-themed mason jars

Mason jars are inexpensive and super easy to customize. You can print up Halloween labels, paint things like spider webs or ghosts on them, or simply fill them with orange punch for a festive flair.

Old wine bottles

Old wine bottles are great for several different DIY projects, especially for Halloween. Spray paint them black and then draw a scary face on them or print up old-fashioned styled labels that say things like “poison” or “vampire blood.” You could also stick tall candles in them and melt them for a creepy centerpiece.


Scarecrows are classic Halloween décor that will instantly give your front porch a seasonal vibe. All you need is some hay and old clothes to create your own. There are tons of tutorials on the internet with fun tricks to take them to the next level.

Scary movies

Old black and white horror films create a great atmosphere during a Halloween party when played silently in the background. If you don’t have any on hand, simply look up “classic scary movies” or something similar on YouTube and put together your own playlist to keep running all night long. You could also make the whole party a movie night and do a scary movie marathon instead.

Black and white

You can never go wrong with black and white, especially for a Halloween party. Keep things chic and elegant by opting for black and white décor. You can find everything you need on a budget but it won’t look cheap thanks to the color palette. If something doesn’t match, spray paint it!

Want to create a festive Halloween tablescape? Click here for some easy elements to mix and match to create the perfect one for your party! >>

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