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Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing


Want your home to be a relaxing sanctuary you can unwind in after a long day? Try these decorating tips to make your home a more serene environment with a few simple changes.Your home should be your sanctuary. If your home doesn’t currently make you feel relaxed and at peace as soon as you walk into it but you wish that it did, then there are some easy decorating changes you can make to start making it feel more like that right away.

Follow these decorating tips to create a more serene environment at home.

Decorating Tips to Make a Relaxing Space

Declutter and edit décor

It’s nearly impossible for a space to feel relaxing if it is cluttered. Even “organized clutter” has a subconscious effect on how you feel in a room, including too many small decorative items on shelves. Think about how relaxing hotel rooms are. It’s because there is no clutter and the décor is very selective.

Go through each room and get rid of anything you no longer want or need; be very discerning. Then, organize what is left in a way that gets it out of view and keeps things streamlined. Also, edit your décor, especially what is displayed on shelves and surfaces. Less items will create more visual space and ultimately make each room feel more serene.

Choose a calming color scheme

Color has a big impact on how we feel in a space. Bright, bold colors energize us while deeper or more muted colors have the opposite effect. Blue is the most serene color in the rainbow, but you don’t have to decorate with blue to have a relaxing home. Any other color in a subtle shade and tone will do the trick.

Neutrals are also wonderful for creating a relaxing vibe. If you love bright colors but still want a calming home, a neutral palette with a few colorful accents will give you the perfect balance between the two.

Incorporate cozy textiles

Pay attention to the fabrics and textures you bring into each room. Walking into a room filled with nothing but hard surfaces and unappealing textiles has a different feel from walking into a room with a plush sofa, a faux fur throw over a cozy armchair, a soft area rug under your feet, and soft curtains around the windows. Be very mindful of the textures you choose on furniture and other décor. Add in extra items like accent pillows and throws to make it even cozier.

Bring nature in

Nature has a way of bringing us a great sense of calm and relaxation. To capture that same feeling you have on the beach or while walking through a garden, bring some elements from nature into your home such as wood floors or furniture, plants, and flowers. Real plants have added benefits but if you don’t have a green thumb, faux plants will still help create a more serene atmosphere.

Play music

Add an extra sensory experience by playing music you love in the rooms you spend the most time in. You can go all the way by hooking up speakers throughout the home or you can get a small, portable Bluetooth speaker that pairs with your phone and can be moved from room to room. Another option is to play music on your television with something like Apple TV. Having background music playing will instantly relax you.

Decorate with things you love

When you are decluttering, take notice of furniture and décor that doesn’t make you feel so good. Is there anything that brings up bad memories when you look at it or simply doesn’t make you happy? Switch those pieces out for things that do bring you happiness when you look at them.

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