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Our Favorite Winter Color Schemes for Decorating

Want to bring the icy glamour of winter into your home? Get inspired with these winter color schemes to bring the season's elegance to your decor. When it comes to winter color schemes, white is the common thread that links them all. If you use white as your base, you can add your personal touch through the accent colors, textures, and patterns. It’s a crisp, icy base that is classic, elegant, and very versatile.

There are a few go-to accent colors that we love to use with white for a wintery look. These 6 color schemes bring out different aspects of the season, from glamourous to rustic style, and can be as feminine, masculine or gender-neutral as you wish.

Here are 6 winter color scheme ideas that will capture the beauty of the season in your home:

Winter Color Scheme Ideas for the Home

White and Neutrals/Gold

Nothing says “winter” quite like white paired with creamy neutrals. This winter color scheme is a classic look that never goes out of style. If you think going all neutral is boring, think again – it all depends on the way you use contrast, texture, and pattern to create visual interest that will determine whether it is dull or not. Animal print, for instance, is a great way to bring some character to this color scheme. You can also use gold accents for a touch of glamour and black for more contrast.

White and Gray/Silver

Like white with neutrals, white and gray is another classic winter color scheme with a more modern edge. If you want something with a bit of warmth, stick with neutrals, but if you like a colder, more minimalist vibe, gray is a perfect choice. Some silver accents will incorporate some glamour into this look, which also pairs well with acrylic and glass to really embrace the “frozen” vibe.

White and Blue

An icy blue or turquoise will give you that touch of pigment with a crisp vibe. Blue is a lovely, relaxing color that looks beautiful all year-round and is perfect if you want incorporate some coastal style (though that’s not the only way to interpret this color scheme). To bring some depth to this look, pair it with creamy neutrals or gray depending on how much warmth you want to inject into the room.

White and Plum

Plum is a rich, sophisticated color that is glamorous without any help. As a warmer tone, it creates a stunning contrast with white when used as an accent against it. Imagine a tufted plum sofa on white walls with a creamy faux fur rug and a gold coffee table. For a more masculine vibe, switch out the gold for wood and add some black accents to the mix.

White and Burgundy

Burgundy is another rich color that has a more sensual edge to it. A deep version of it will remind you of Christmas without it looking too much like holiday decor, so you can use it throughout the year while still capturing that magical vibe of the season.

White and Emerald

Like burgundy, emerald hints at the Christmas season without being literal about it. The color is incredibly rich and elegant, especially when paired with gold accents. It’s the best gender-neutral option for a winter color scheme because of its earthiness. Pairing it with white gives it that crisp, winter-y edge that looks luxurious and even a bit artistic.

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