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5 Elements for a Chic New Year's Eve Table Setting

Bring in the New Year in style with these simple but chic New Year's Eve table setting ideas that you can mix and match.Can you believe that it’s been another year already? They seem to go by faster and faster each time! We’ve been fortunate to have an amazing year at MHM and Megan’s Moving (which was established in 2016). We are very excited to celebrate it and welcome in a new year that will hopefully be as wonderful as the last.

One of the best ways to bring in the New Year, of course, is with a party with your nearest and dearest. It’s the last dinner you’ll share together before the year turns into a new one, so it’s a great time to reflect on the great memories you had and share your hopes for the next 365 days.

To keep the festive spirit alive, a beautiful table setting is in order. Whether you want to keep it casual and intimate or go all out with glamour, we have some ideas that are easy to incorporate into your New Year’s Eve table setting. You can mix-and-match them or use one as your source of inspiration.

Hope you enjoy them! Happy New Year!

Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Table Setting

Black and White

You can never go wrong with black and white, especially for a New Year’s Eve party. It’s a classic combination that easily captures the glamour associated with the holiday. What’s also great about black and white is how versatile it is; you can go casual, elegant, or full-out lavish depending on your tastes and décor.

Another option is to go with black or white. An all-white table setting or all-black table setting with some subtle accents of another color will be dramatic and stunning.

Shine & Metallics

Silver and gold are also commonly associated with New Year’s Eve parties, as well as anything with a sheen to it. Sparkly accents, like glass and crystals, fit right in with the celebratory spirit of the occasion. These elements are great to pair with black and white, but you can also mix them with other colors or even have them serve as the star of the show.


Since New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating the year that has just passed and the new one ahead, all culminating in the countdown to midnight, clocks are a very apropos icon for the holiday. There are a lot of fun, creative ways to incorporate them into your table setting. One beautiful, antique clock can be a part of your centerpiece, for example, or you can use round plates with clock faces on them. Small clocks could even serve as place cards for your guests.


To bring the celebratory spirit to your table setting, perhaps nothing works better than confetti. You can sprinkle gold down the center of the table or even use a runner that mimics the look of confetti, such as gold circles. Plates that have sprinkles of color or metallic on them will also bring that look of confetti to the table without using the actual stuff. Get creative with it to create something truly unique and special.

Stripes, Stars or Polka Dots

Some of the best patterns for a New Year’s Eve table setting are stripes, stars or polka dots. They are all classic and look especially great in black and white or gold and silver. You can even mix-and-match them if you are up for the challenge! For example: star-shaped confetti down the center of a white table, polka dot plates, and striped chargers would make for a darling New Year’s Eve table setting idea. Each of these patterns look great by themselves, too, when mixed with solids. It’s all up to you.

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