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How to "Wow" with Your Ceiling


Want to make a design statement in your home? Try one of these five decorating ideas for the ceiling for an unexpected statement!For many, the ceiling is an afterthought when decorating a home. However, you’re missing a great opportunity to create the “wow” factor in a room if you ignore it.

Think of the ceiling as another wall in the room that can play as small or large a role in the design as you’d like. Most people don’t expect a ceiling to have anything eye-catching on it, so it’s also a wonderful opportunity to surprise your guests with an unexpected pop of character. It can be something as simple as a subtle accent or a grand as an entire statement.

Here are 5 ceiling decorating ideas that will help you transform just about any room in your home and give it more of a designer touch.

Decorating Ideas for Your Ceiling


Your ceiling doesn’t have to be white. It can serve as the perfect canvas for a splash of color that is bold and unexpected. Painting the ceiling is one of the easiest ways to bring drama to a space. Even if you want some more subtle, a lighter version of the wall color or a deep neutral will create dimension in the room and make it more dynamic.


Another option is to wallpaper or stencil your ceiling with an intriguing pattern. Metallic wallpaper (or paint) on the ceiling has become very popular in recent years to give a room a dose of glamour. For something more modern, try a geometric pattern. Adorning the ceiling in a pattern or stencil is also a fun way to add some charm to a kids’ bedroom or playroom.

Medallion or Wood Beams

A medallion is a classic way to add some character to a ceiling. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from streamlined and contemporary to ornate and lavish. You can also paint them in whatever color or finish you’d like. They’re a nice touch that gives a room a little oomph.

Wood beams are another classic way to add some architectural character to the ceiling if you want a more rustic vibe.

Crown Molding

Crown molding can always be counted on to finish off a space and make it look more upscale. If you have a tiered ceiling, you can choose to add crown molding to each level to give it even more of a “wow” factor. White or off-white are always elegant choices for molding but if you want something more dramatic, consider painting the molding in a bold color or going with bare wood for a more rustic vibe.


The right lighting can truly transform a space, not just because of how it lights it but how the fixture itself looks. A beautiful chandelier, for example, can add a dose of glamour and luxury to just about any space in the home, including a bedroom or bathroom. If you want to draw people’s eyes to the ceiling, opt an eye-catching light fixture.

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