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5 Elements to Use for an Easter Tablescape


Creating a unique and charming Easter tablescape is as easy as mixing and matching these 5 simple decorating elements!Spring is finally here which means another fun holiday is around the corner. Easter is a great way to kick off the new season and celebrate everything we have to look forward to.

If you plan on hosting an Easter brunch, lunch or dinner, then you’ll want a beautiful tablescape at the center of it. An Easter tablescape is a lot of fun to put together because of all the lovely inspiration the spring season has to offer.

Here are 5 elements you can easily mix and match to create an inspiring Easter tablescape that is all your own.

Easter Table Setting Ideas


Nothing says Easter quite like bunnies. They are a wonderful, whimsical symbol that can be as childlike or elegant as you prefer. There are a lot of ways to incorporate them into your Easter tablescape.

One of the easiest ways is to use sculptures of rabbits in your centerpiece. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials from rustic to glamorous. You can also dishware with bunnies on them.

You could take a less literal approach with fun ideas like wrapping a ribbon or some burlap around each chair with a fluffy bunny tail on the back. The same idea would work in smaller form on a napkin holder. Get creative!

Dyed Eggs

Dyed eggs are another staple of Easter. These are also incredibly versatile and a great way to get creative with your tablescape. You can dye them in any color of the rainbow and decorate them as you please. If you want something elegant and classic, dye them in neutral colors or black and white. For a more glamorous touch, paint them gold or silver.

Dyed eggs can serve as name cards, fill up an apothecary jar or bowl for a centerpiece, be stuffed in a bouquet for a centerpiece or even be sprinkled along the center of the table.

Flowers & Greenery

Spring is a beautiful time of year so we love to incorporate elements from the season into our Easter tablescapes to celebrate it. It’s just not complete with some flowers and greenery.

For flowers, you can choose whatever inspires you most, but some of our favorites for the season are roses (particularly white or pink), lilies, peonies, hawthorn, magnolias, and daisies. You can use them in centerpieces, tuck one under each napkin ring, place one at each place setting or sprinkle them along the center of the table.

For greenery, we recommend moss or grass for a beautiful, fresh pop of greenery.

Wood, Burlap and Twine

A rustic touch is a great way to add some charm to your Easter tablescape. Wood can always be counted on for a beautiful element that can be casual or elegant, such as wooden boxes for the centerpiece, chargers or napkin rings.

Burlap and twine are other cute rustic accents you can do a lot with. A burlap table runner, for example, works wonderfully for an Easter tablescape and twine can serve as casual napkin rings or hold bouquets together.

Pastels & Soft Neutrals

The most common color schemes for Easter are pastels and soft neutrals. A mixture of the two can produce lovely results. You can make your tablescape as colorful or subdued as you’d like depending on your taste. For something more elegant, we recommend choosing one accent color and keeping the rest neutral.

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