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How to Make Your Home Magazine-Ready

Wondering how you can make your home look more like the ones on Pinterest and in magazines? Here are some tips on how to improve your home decor.A question we are commonly asked is, how do I make my home look more like ones on Pinterest and in decorating magazines?

While many factors come together to make the beautiful spaces you see look as chic as they do, there are certain elements they each have in common that you can apply to your own home to quickly see results.

A lot of it comes down to some savvy styling. Even just a few simple additions can take a room up a notch and create a more polished, professional look. Keeping these tricks in mind when you decorate can have a big effect on the end result.

If you want to enhance a room to make it more Pinterest-worthy, then we have some decorating tips that are sure to help you achieve that.

Magazine-Ready Decorating Tips


One sign of professional-looking space is the use of layers in it. Layering accents in a room helps make it more dynamic by giving it depth and visual interest. Simple ways to this are by introducing accent pillows, an area rug, a throw over a chair or corner of the sofa, and art on the walls.


Textures – wood, stone, faux fur, natural fibers – do wonders to give a more room style. Even one or two accents can have a big impact on the aesthetic, like a jute area rug or reclaimed wood coffee table, or even faux sheepskin draped over the ottoman.

Play with Height

Create movement in the space by incorporating taller items, like branches in a vase. This will make the room feel grander, too. Another trick is to not keep all the items at one level on something like a vignette or fireplace mantel – instead, group items of varying heights in the décor to create a more dynamic statement.


Creating contrast in a space is an easy way to make it look bolder and more upscale. You can do this with color, pattern, texture, and even style. For example: pop some black accents into a space of whites and beiges or put metallic accents in a rustic setting. These contrasting elements will make the design look much more interesting to the eye and far more chic.

The Right Lighting

If you look at any interior photograph in a magazine, you’ll notice that they are perfectly lit. Lighting can change the whole feel of a space. When you light it correctly to get rid of shadows and cast a glow that compliments the style and color of the space, it will instantly look more professional and high-end. Take your time choosing the right fixtures, as well as the right bulbs, and your room will look ten times better.

Keep all these decorating tips and tricks in mind to make any room in your home ready for its own magazine spread. If you want some more guidance to help you transform your home into the space of your dreams, get in touch with us today!

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