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How to Make Your Home a Happier Place

Want to instantly give your home a happier, most uplifting vibe? Follow these simple tips that don't cost a dime and can easily be applied to any home. Your home should be your personal haven. If you don’t feel relaxed and happy every time you walk through the door, then it will benefit you to take a look at why you are feeling that way.

The answer can be different for each person, but there are some tried and true ways that will enhance the vibe of any space. Follow the simple tips below to make your home a happier place.

How to Give Your Home a Happier Vibe

Only buy things you love

Over the years, it is easy to collect things that you don’t really love, whether they’re given as gifts, hand-me-downs or were purchased when you had different tastes. It seems practical to keep these things but in reality, they affect the way you feel in your environment on a subconscious level.

Don’t feel guilty for purging things you don’t truly love. When you surround yourself with things that genuinely bring you joy, it changes the entire feeling of your home. Instead of holding on to things that don’t make you feel your best, sell or donate them so someone else who will feel a positive way about them can have them instead. Then, the next time you go out shopping, be very intentional about purchasing things that truly speak to you.

Decorate with sentimental items

Items that hold sentimental value to us bring out strong emotions. Whatever sentimental items you have that bring about a positive response from you should be displayed proudly where you can see them and enjoy them on a regular basis rather than hidden in a drawer or closet. Put them out so you can delight in them every day.

Let the light in

Light has a way of making us feel healthier, more awake, and more inspired, so make sure your home is filled with plenty of it. Open the windows and trim back trees that are blocking the sun from coming in, as well as make sure nothing is blocking them inside, either. If you don’t have a lot of natural light available, fill each space with appealing artificial lighting and use mirrors to bounce the light throughout the space.

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Play music

Music is a great mood enhancer. Get into the habit of playing music throughout your home, whether it’s through a built-in stereo system or simply on your television, phone or a portable radio. You’ll be amazed by how much more relaxing and joyful a room will feel when there is music playing in the background.

Make it smell great

Scent has a strong effect on our mood, too. It’s a good habit to open the windows once a day to air it out. You can also burn candles, diffuse essential oils (citrus scents are the best mood enhancers for energy and happiness) or plug-in scent makers. It’s a simple thing that will instantly improve the mood of your home.

Keep it organized

A cluttered home creates a cluttered mind. When our space is disorganized, it affects your mood and makes it hard for you to focus. Take the time to organize each space and introduce some efficient organizing systems so you can easily keep it that way.

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