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How to Capture a Boho Chic Look in Your Home

Love the relaxed, casual vibe of bohemian decor? Follow these easy tips for incorporating boho chic decorating into your home.Bohemian décor is one of the most recognizable design styles. It is full of character and embraces a relaxed, casual view of living.

There is a wide range of interpretation of this style, whether you want to go bold and dramatic or subtle and minimalist. Either way, the most important thing is its essence that embraces comfort and freedom of expression.

Follow these bohemian decorating tips to incorporate the style into your own home.

Bohemian Decorating Tips

Keep it relaxed

The main trait of bohemian décor is its casual, relaxed vibe. To capture this look in your home, think about deconstructing your traditional idea of how décor is meant to be. For example, put some pillows on the floor, layer area rugs over each other, and hang a hammock in your living room or bedroom. You could also throw a light blanket over the corner of a sofa or armchair, hang artwork in imperfect clusters, and overall make it as comfortable and unfussy as possible.

Add earthy elements

Earthy elements are a must for a beautiful, boho space. Wood, especially that which is unpolished or has beautiful detailing in it, always looks wonderful in bohemian décor. Lots of real or faux plants will also bring a sense of nature into the space that is a key element of the style. Incorporate a mixture of hanging plants, tall plants, and surface plants.

Bring in rich textiles, colors and patterns

Jewel tones and warm/earthy tones are the most popular in bohemian décor. Don’t be afraid to mix and match them for a charming, relaxed look. A bold punch of color always works well with this style, but if bold colors aren’t your thing, you can go with a more subdued palette while still keeping with the style.

Rich textiles are also an important element of bohemian décor. It goes back to making the space comfortable, so incorporate soft fabrics and things like curtains, area rugs, pillows, and throws.

When choosing your textiles, embrace patterns that bring character and personality, such as tribal, Moroccan, and vintage patterns.

Balance it with minimalism

Bohemian décor can be maximalist or minimalist. If you are looking to create a clean, relaxing space with a boho twist, balance the bold color and character of the bohemian style with neutral walls and at least a few pieces of streamlined, modern furniture.

Choose décor that tells a story

When choosing décor and artwork, search for pieces that seem to tell a story. Even if you don’t travel, look for items that are unique and look like they could have been picked up while traveling across the globe.

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