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How to Boost Productivity in a Shared Workspace with Decorating

Boost productivity, focus, and ideas in a commercial office space with these simple tips and ideas that will make employees and clients alike more comfortable. Your environment affects how you feel and can even have an impact on your Preview (opens in a new window)productivity. In a shared workspace, such as a business office, productivity is especially crucial. However, many businesses overlook the importance of their office’s atmosphere.

With just a few simple changes to the décor, an office can help the people who work in it feel more focused, inspired, and energized which will lead to better results overall.

Try these easy shared workspace decorating tips to improve your office’s energy.

Shared Workspace Decorating Tips


Color has a strong effect on psychology. A workspace that doesn’t use color effectively can have people feeling sluggish, unfocused, and uninspired. Even if you keep the base palette neutral and clean, pop in some colorful accents to give the space some life.

One bold accent wall is a great way to infuse some color and give the office some personality. You could opt for colorful chairs, a colorful area rug, or colorful artwork. Make sure that whatever colors you choose to incorporate into the decor work well with your brand colors.

Artwork, Décor and Plants

As we mentioned, artwork is a great way to bring in some color. It’s also imperative for making a space feel more stimulating and comfortable. Since it’s a professional atmosphere, be sure to choose appropriate artwork, but don’t let that make you feel limited. Choose artwork that truly inspires you and your colleagues.

The same is to be said about décor. Incorporate decorative accents like sculptures, textiles, and plants. Greenery and flowers are a wonderful way to make a space feel more pleasant and inspiring. Real plants have other benefits, as well, but if you are worried about the upkeep, faux plants work just as well aesthetically.

Space planning

A bad furniture arrangement can make the entire space feel awkward and “off.” Not only will this affect whoever is working there, but it will also affect how clients and other guests feel in it, too. Take the time to plan out the space so that everything flows naturally. You can create a sense of community while also maintaining privacy with the right layout.

This is especially important in a large, open workspace. Create clear, designated areas by defining them with color, textiles such as area rugs, clever desk layouts, and seating arrangements.


Lighting is one of the biggest factors in creating a positive or negative vibe in a space, but it’s often the last thing people think about when decorating a shared workspace. Fluorescent lighting is popular for offices, yet it’s very unattractive. Instead, take some time choosing the right lighting that will make the space bright but comfortable. A soft or natural bulb is best.

Also, instead of having all of your light above the office, opt for some lighting that is at eye level so there are no ugly shadows being cast and so it will be softer on the eyes.


Comfort doesn’t take away from productivity. In fact, it enhances it. Make the office feel a bit homier with soft area rugs, throw pillows, and comfortable seating. Burn some candles or use oil diffusers to make it smell nice.

Another thing to consider is offering a comfortable area to sit and share ideas or entertain clients. Keep this separate from a place where you hold more formal meetings. Having a casual spot like this will encourage a sense of community and help foster ideas.

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