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Easy Fall Decor Tips to Embrace the Season at Home

To incorporate the essence of fall into your home with your current decorating, try these easy fall decor tips!Fall is a season full of beauty. It makes you want to feel warm and maybe even a little indulgent with special treats and cozy creature comforts. In fact, many people prefer to stay home a lot more during the fall season so they can curl up by a fire and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

If you love the fall season and want to pull some of its essence into your home, you can easily do so with some quick and simple fall décor ideas. It doesn’t take much to capture the flair of the season. In fact, some of the best fall décor can be found right in your own backyard.

Here are 5 fall décor tips to follow that will make you feel the spirit of season in your home every day:

5 Fall Décor Tips for the Home

1. Decorate with Nature

Nothing says “fall” quite like the wonder of nature. This is such a beautiful season and the best parts of it can be found outdoors, so incorporating some elements from nature into your home décor is a great way to capture its essence. Use elements like branches, leaves, gourds, pumpkins, and fall florals in your vignettes and centerpieces. You can gather them in a vase or bowl or get even more creative with their placement, like a white pumpkin on top of a stack of books.

2. Incorporate Warm Accent Colors

If you decorate in a mostly neutral palette and accent with color, it’s easy to switch out those accents throughout the year. For fall, focus on warm, rich colors like browns, burgundy, dark green, and deep orange. Even just a few touches of these colors in things like pillows, placemats or a throw will add a fall flair to your home.

3. Add Some Extra Comfort

When you think of fall, you think of cozy things like sweaters, boots, blankets, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. You want that extra level of comfort. Indulge in this by adding some extra pillows to your sofa and bed. You can also fold a blanket over the foot of your bed and over the back of your sofa, or simply toss a throw over one of the arms. The ottoman can be warmed up, too, with a faux flokati piece or a faux fur blanket.

4. Use Soft, Cozy Textures

Take the comfort level an extra step with the right textures. Knit, wool, velvet, and faux fur are all perfect for fall décor because they are warm and soft to the touch. You can choose accent pillows, throws, blankets, and even furniture in these fabrics to make your home feel cozier and look more luxurious.

5. Draw Attention to the Fireplace and/or Put Out Some Candles

Nothing beats a warm fireplace on a cool fall evening. If you have one, play it up with a stack of wood beside it and some simple décor around it. You could even create a charming seating area on the floor with some pillows or poufs where you can enjoy some coffee and reading by the fire. If you don’t have a fireplace (or even if you do and want the extra ambiance), place some candles around in a fall scent like pumpkin or cinnamon. The glow and delicious scents will immediately spread the essence of fall throughout your home.

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