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Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating a Home with Kids

Are you struggling to find the balance between style and family-friendly decor? Follow these easy tips and tricks for decorating a home with kids that is both stylish and functional! One thing we see far too often is people assuming they can’t have a beautifully decorated home if they have kids. While decorating a home with kids has its challenges, it is far from impossible. You can have a chic, stylish, and family-friendly home.

It’s all about making smart choices and avoiding certain pitfalls. We have decorated many homes with kids over the years and certain timeless tricks always apply. Follow these tips and tricks for family-friendly decorating to create a home both you and your kids will love.

Family-Friendly Decorating Tips

DO Use Durable Materials

When you have kids, everything in your home is going to be well lived in and used. Your floors will get a lot of traffic, your furniture will get a lot of use, and dirt and damages are bound to happen. That doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style, though. Opt for durable materials that can withstand a lot of use, like water-resistant fabrics and natural fiber area rugs.

DO Create Activity Zones

An open floor plan is ideal for a family with kids. You can have everyone in one area while still having plenty of space to carry out separate activities. In an open floor plan, divide the space into activity zones and conversation areas to make the best use of the space. In a family room, for example, arrange a space for watching television, a conversation area, a play area, and a work station.

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DO Keep Vignettes Simple

Vignettes bring a lot of character to your décor. However, when you have kids, it’s important to consider what is within reach of curious hands. A coffee table, for example, looks great when styled, but avoid lots of small objects – particularly breakable ones – that your kids could easily grab. Stick to just 1-3 items that won’t get easily damaged if touched.

DO Use Furniture That Doubles as Storage

You can never have too much storage when you have kids. You can easily double your storage by choosing furniture that also offers storage space, like hollow ottomans and an entertainment center with cabinets and drawers. If your entertainment center has open shelving, use baskets and boxes to create covered storage options.

DO Incorporate Kids Artwork

Make your kids feel more included in the home design by incorporating their artwork. Matte and frame it to showcase it on a gallery wall or in vignette. This will not only make the home feel more charming and unique, but your kids will feel great seeing their work proudly displayed.

DON’T Use Light Colors on Major Elements

You don’t have to entirely avoid white or other light colors in your design, but it is best to keep large pieces in warm neutrals or darker. Your color scheme doesn’t have to be all dark, but something mid-range like a medium gray or camel will keep the dirt from showing on large elements like the sofa. To brighten things up, opt for a light wall color, light artwork, and light accessories.

DON’T Use Glass and Sharp Edges

Small glass accessories are a big no-no with kids unless they are kept out of the way. We recommend avoiding glass tables because you’ll constantly be cleaning up finger prints.  Sharp edges on furniture such as coffee or end tables should be avoided, too, as kids are likely to bump into them and get hurt. Instead, choose furniture that has soft or rounded edges.

DON’T Go High-End On Everything

Choosing high-end items for all your furniture will make it twice as frustrating when something gets damaged or well-worn in a short period of time. Instead, keep your budget low on the items that will get a lot of use and save the designer pieces for things that will get less wear and tear. If you do invest in any large, high-end pieces, be sure to get the fabric scotch-guarded and have them professionally cleaned when needed to keep it looking good.

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