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Creating an Elegant and Festive Christmas Fireplace Mantel

Put together the perfect Christmas mantel that is as elegant as it is festive with these simple and easy seasonal decorating tips for your fireplace.One of the iconic spots in the home to decorate for the holidays is a fireplace mantel. Whether it’s a full fireplace or simply a fireplace surround, the charm of one adorned in holiday décor adds to the overall charm of the season.

If you want to create a beautiful Christmas fireplace mantel, here are some simple tips and ideas that will turn it into an elegant, festive display.

Christmas Fireplace Mantel Tips

Keep it simple

To achieve elegance with your Christmas décor, it’s important to keep it simple. A few key pieces that make an impact will create a festive but sophisticated look. Avoid placing a lot of small objects around and instead focus on a small selection of larger ones.

Also, keep your color scheme to a minimum. Focus on 2-3 colors with at least one of them being a neutral, such as white, to serve as an elegant backdrop. Then, any color you use will have a greater impact without overwhelming the senses.

Use garland

Garland is a great holiday staple that can be used in a variety of spots and is especially perfect for a mantel. You can take advantage of the length by laying it across the top of the mantel as a base for your décor or drape it from the mantel. To add some color, sprinkle ornaments throughout and lace it with Christmas lights for a beautiful glow. You could even add pinecones for texture and a variety of other items to spice it up.

Fill mason jars

Mason jars always bring a touch of charm to décor. For a Christmas mantel, fill a couple of tall jars with a variety of textural accents like dried berries, cinnamon sticks, and ornaments, then wrap it with a beautiful bow that suits your color scheme. Another option is to fill them with small battery-operated Christmas lights for an extra bit of glow.

Hang stockings

Nothing says “holiday cheer” quite like stockings hanging from the fireplace mantel. It’s a tradition that makes the set-up all the more charming and festive. This is where you can also infuse the style of your choice into the décor, whether it’s a glamorous and sophisticated look you want or something more colorful and whimsical.

Don’t forget the fireplace

If you have a working fireplace, then what goes inside of it is obvious. However, if it’s a non-working fireplace or just the mantel itself, then take advantage of the empty space in the middle by filling it with more Christmas décor. This could be a beautiful floral arrangement (such as poinsettias), a stack of wood, a manger, or some other festive accent. Get creative with it!

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