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9 Decorating Tips That Will Improve the Look of Any Room


Want to improve the look of your home? These tried and true decorating tips will help you improve any room in your home with just a few simple changes.There are no hard and fast “rules” in decorating. The whole point is to be creative and create spaces that feel good to you. However, if you’re struggling to pull a room together and aren’t sure what is missing, there are some tried and true tricks that can help.

Try these simple decorating tips to improve any space in your home with just a few changes.

Decorating Tips to Improve Any Space

Always have a focal point

A focal point instantly grounds a space and provides something for the rest of the room to play off of. If you ever walk into a space and it feels disjointed, chances are it lacks a focal point or the furniture isn’t arranged around it. The focal point draws your eye as soon as you walk in and everything else should flow naturally around it. It can be a fireplace, entertainment center, bed, view or even a large piece of art.

Set up conversation areas

Other important elements to help the flow of a room are conversation areas or activity areas. In a small room, it may only have one, but in a larger space, it’s important to clearly define each conversation area while creating a natural flow between them.

In a family room, for example, you may have a couple of seating areas, a play area for the kids, and a desk for working. If all of these are bunched together with no real flow, it will look awkward. Work on defining each one. Area rugs are a big help in doing this effectively.

Create vignettes

Vignettes are wonderful for adding character to a space. They tell a story and make a room feel more lived in and welcoming. You can arrange them on console tables (such as in a hallway or entryway), coffee table, end table or even on shelving. Mix in books, flowers, and other décor to add personality to any space.

Vary the scale

When you are arranging décor, having all the items in a similar size and height will look boring. Instead, vary the items to make it more dynamic and interesting. This applies to furniture as well as to smaller décor, such as in a vignette.

Get creative with lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in a space. Leaving it as an afterthought will keep a room from its full potential. Always make sure a room is well-lit (we recommend keeping the lighting at eye level to avoid harsh shadows) and choose fixtures that add character to the space rather than the ones that came with the home. There is a lot of opportunity here to make it your own, such as with a chandelier in a bedroom.

Hang art at the right height and scale

One of the biggest faux pas that instantly makes a room feel “off” is art hung at the wrong height. If it’s too low or too high, it will look awkward. Similarly, make sure you choose art that fits the scale of the wall. An 8 x 10 on a huge wall will look silly, just as a huge piece will swallow up a small one.

Don’t be afraid to go bold

Bold accents can be daunting at first, but there is no harm in experimentation in decorating. Don’t be afraid to try out a brightly colored accent wall or some colorful décor. You never know when something might transform the whole space. Get creative!

Don’t ignore the ceiling

The ceiling is prime real estate to create a “wow” factor in a space. Simply by painting the ceiling in a different color, covering it in wallpaper or hanging wood planks, you could change the entire look of the space and create a beautiful impact.

Leave some negative space

A room can quickly feel cluttered if there is no breathing room left. It can be tempting to fill every corner but leaving some negative space is important to allow you to appreciate the items that are in the space. It will also make it feel more comfortable and welcoming rather than overwhelming and tight.

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