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5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home Décor for Spring

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Want to give your home some spring flair for the season? Here are 5 easy decorating ideas you can implement right away! We love decorating for the seasons. Not only does it keep things fresh every few months, but it also helps us appreciate what’s special about each season and enjoy them even more.

Spring is all about bringing color and life back into the world after winter. That’s why it’s the most popular time to do major deep cleaning and organizing. We love to take it a step further and add some lovely touches of spring décor, too.

Here are five easy decorating ideas for spring that will bring the spirit of the season into your home.

Spring Décor Tips for the Home


Nothing says spring quite as well as beautiful flowers and greenery. We love fresh flowers because they bring a beautiful scent into your home, as well, but fake flowers are just as effective aesthetically. Places like HomeGoods sell stylish arrangements for an affordable price or you can make your own using pieces from craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Place them on your coffee table, end tables, shelving or countertops to bring a touch of spring and elegance to any room in your home.

Fresh Colors

If you keep your major décor in a neutral palette then you can have fun switching out the accent pieces for each new season. For spring, it’s all about fresh, cheerful colors. They shouldn’t be too bold or vibrant (those come in summer) but instead pastels or a few shades above pastels. Think about the pretty colors you see on newly blooming flowers. Crisp, refreshing and cheerful.

Rustic Touches

Since at the heart of spring is the idea of the flowers and plants springing back to life after a long winter, our minds usually associate gardening and being outside with the season. Therefore, rustic touches like wood and twine are a great way to bring texture to your home décor with a spring flair. Depending on your style, you can keep it polished and elegant or go for a more farmhouse appeal.

Let the Light In

Who doesn’t love a bright, sunny spring day? To brighten up your home, switch out dark colors for lighter ones and let as much light in as possible. White slipcovers work great for covering up dark armchairs, dining room chairs or even a sofa while trimming back the trees around the windows can help let light filter in. Also, switch out dark and heavy curtains for lightweight ones.


When it comes to spring cleaning, the best thing you can do is declutter your home. Getting rid of old documents, clothes you no longer wear, and things you simply no longer want or need will help you feel less stressed and a lot more comfortable in your own home. You can visually declutter your home, too, by cleaning off the countertops (put as much away in cabinets as possible) and paring down what’s on your shelves.

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