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Team Member Spotlight: Chloe Miller

At MHM Professional Staging, people are our number one priority. Our team members and clients alike are at the heart of our company, so we want to help you get to know us better. One way we plan to do this is by spotlighting one of our fabulous team members every month.

We are proud of our talented and diverse group of creatives. Each person brings something special to the business and helps us consistently be moving forward and pushing the boundaries.

This month, we are excited to introduce our Creative Manager Chloe Miller, an artist and designer who hails from the UK. Her creative abilities extend across the spectrum, including painting, design, and upholstery. Her available services include custom painting and artwork creation, custom furniture upholstery and repair, interior design assistance, creative consultations, buying, and more.

When did your love for art and design begin?
My love for art began when I was just a child, I can always remember enjoying art and developing a knack for mixing colors and drawing with precision at a very young age. My love for design started in my early teenage years whilst I was traveling with my family in the Bahamas. We visited the Atlantis Hotel and I remember that was the first time my jaw actually dropped at an Interior. It was, at that moment, the most beautiful place I ihad ever seen. I knew at that age that no matter what I did, I wanted to have that impact on people.

What inspires you most?
There are so many beautiful things on this earth, it’s hard not to get inspired by mother nature herself. I love trees and their aging process, the way the ocean creeps onto the sand, and the feeling of a deep breath of fresh air on the mountains. I also allow music to carry my mood through all of my paintings and find inspiration through the beats.

Why are art and design so important?
Art is a universal language that allows your mind to wonder, your spirit to feel, and the creator to be healed in its process. It is a way for us to communicate our emotions, and it has the ability to set a “mood” or “tone” to wherever it may be placed. Before language, art was our way of recording history and even with language, art has aged and progressed with human nature.
Design today is more important now than ever. The modern and contemporary world is not going to slow down and our technology is becoming much more advanced. Expectations for spaces are higher now than ever, not just for function, but for visual appeal, sustainability, cost efficiency, and so many other factors. Design is not just the process of creating functioning spaces, It is the key to the advancement of the modern world, and the key to the progression of humans.

What is your ultimate goal you hope to achieve when working with clients?
My ultimate goal with every client is for them to be ecstatic with their services provided by myself and anyone else on my team. My goal is for the client’s experience and the final product to be so memorable that they tell all of their friends and use our services again!

What is your favorite thing about working with MHM Professional Staging?
My favorite thing about working for MHM is having the ability to flex my creative muscles on the job. I love that every day is different and each day brings on a new design challenge! And working for such a wonderful person, inside and out, Megan is an absolute delight to work for, and will continue to inspire me every day.

If you are interested in purchasing an original Chloe Miller Art piece, she is available for consultation. You can also purchase prints of existing works of art by visiting Chloe Miller Art on Society 6.

Contact the office of MHM Professional Staging for all other service inquiries.

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