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Alternative Ways to Store Your Clothes If You Lack a Closet

Don't have enough space in your closet or lack a closet altogether? No worries, try one of these easy and stylish alternatives for storing your clothes!If you live in a small space such as a studio apartment, one of the biggest challenges can be finding enough closet space. Some apartments or old homes don’t even have closets. In these cases, you have to get creative with your storage.

There are several smart ways to store your clothes without a closet. Here are five of our favorite ideas that are so functional and stylish, you won’t even miss having a “real” closet.

How to Store Your Clothes Without a Closet

Armoire or cabinet

There are myriad armoires and cabinets available that are the perfect alternative to a closet. If you want something with a lot of character, opt for an armoire. You can often find them at thrift stores and flea markets, then get creative and customize them as you see fit. As for cabinets, places like IKEA have inexpensive, contemporary options with a variety of shelving and inserts to choose from based on your needs.

Clothes rack

A clothing rack is a modern, stylish option for storing and displaying your clothes. It will make you feel like you’re shopping in an exclusive boutique every time you pick out an outfit. Some clothes racks even come with wheels so you can easily move it around if necessary.

Bellhop cart

Like a clothing rack, a bellhop cart creates the look of a boutique but adds a unique twist. If you love the glamour of a five-star hotel, this will give your home a little dose of that and make storing and going through your clothes even more fun.

Hang them from the ceiling

Another unique way to hang your clothes is from something attached to the ceiling. There are many different materials you can use for this, such as piping, wire, or chains. You can achieve a stylish industrial look with this option and pull it off very inexpensively.

Bins under the bed

If you have no space to hang your clothes, opt for bins under the bed. There are a lot of storage bins made specifically for this purpose that will slide right under the bed or you can create a do-it-yourself option for something more unique.

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