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Help Us Stage 100 Homes in 100 Days and Get 20% Off Rental Fees

We are excited to announce a very special promotion we’ll be running this summer ─ it is our mission to stage 100 homes in 100 days. And we need you to help us do it!

If you are a new client, you’ll receive 20% off your first month’s rental fees* as a thank-you for helping us reach our goal. Since summer is the most popular (and thus competitive) season in which to sell your home, this is the perfect time to take advantage of this great promotion.

Home staging is proven to make your home stand out from the competition. With such a big influx of inventory of homes during the summer, it’s more important than ever to give your listing an edge on the market.

According to ASP, 95% of staged homes sell on average in 11 days or less and for 17% more than non-staged homes. Not only is it proven that home staging helps your home sell faster, but it also commonly brings in higher bids from buyers.


The secret to why home staging is so effective lies in a home buyer’s psychology. While leaving a home empty may seem like it would make the house seem bigger, it actually has the opposite effect in most cases. Most buyers have a hard time imagining how much furniture can fit in an empty room and how they should arrange it. More often than not, they will underestimate the space and assume it’s too small to fit all of their furniture when in reality, it’s got plenty of square footage. This problem is especially prevalent in awkward spaces such as open layouts or lofts where the arrangement isn’t so obvious.

You can take all of this guesswork away by staging the home. Staging makes it clear to buyers what will fit in the space and how they can arrange it for a comfortable and efficient traffic flow. When you take away the confusion, you allow buyers to relax and start envisioning their life there.


We also bring in special touches that make each home warmer and more inviting. These subtle pieces of décor draw the eye to the home’s best features while also giving it some character. An empty home can feel very cold and lack the charm buyers are searching for. When we include special touches like artwork, accessories, and creature comforts, it says to buyers, “You are home.”

If you’re interested in giving your home a leg up on the competition this summer, contact us today for a free quote!

* 20% discount does not apply to moving or consultation fees.

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A beautiful home sells faster.

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