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Our Trending Color of the Month: Fussy Pink

Fussy pink couch in a living room with neutral gray walls and light wood furniture

At MHM Professional Staging, we love using color to turn an ordinary house into a buyer’s dream home. Each month, our designers share a color that inspires their designs. This month, our trending color is Fussy Pink (SW 6853), a playful and warm color. It’s a tone that can work just as well in a child’s bedroom as it can in a more mature living room.

About the Hue

Pink is the most feminine color. It’s known to be romantic, lovely, and calm. Since it is a positive, warm color, it’s inviting and non-threatening. It is a gentle tone filled with compassion and a sense of composure. Pink tones down any formality in a space. 

How and When to Use Fussy Pink

Fussy Pink has a moderate LRV, or light reflecting value, of 47 on a scale of 100. This means it lets more light in than most darker paints. But since it is a very feminine color, we don’t recommend painting a whole room unless it’s a nursery or child’s room. If you are planning to sell your house soon, avoid painting any walls this color. When selling a home, you want it to look gender-neutral to appeal to the most buyers. If you must add pink to a staged home, do it with smaller accents like throw pillows or flowers.

Illustration in a child's room with Fussy Pink walls

Use as an Accent in Unexpected Ways

One fun way to use Fussy Pink is by adding it as elements of surprise in unexpected places. For instance, painting the ceiling this color will add excitement to the room and draw the eye up. It’s a subtle way to add a pleasant pink glow. You can also add a pop of this bright and friendly color inside the shelving of a bookcase.

Fussy Pink is the perfect complement to any architectural moldings. You can also fake architectural elements by painting the walls from the top and stopping about a quarter of the way down. You can also start from the bottom and stop about a quarter of the way up. This will add more visual appeal to the room. 

Modern bathroom with Fussy Pink floor

Mix with Rustic Elements

Fussy Pink looks at home in a rustic setting since it pairs well with texture. Mix the color with rustic floorboards, sisal rugs, or beadboard. Mixing Fussy Pink with rustic elements can create some great shabby chic looks.

Tone Down Its Femininity

If you do plan to paint a room predominantly in Fussy Pink, offset its femininity with a masculine hue like navy blue. You can even try last month’s color of the month, Naval, for an untraditional pairing. Another way to keep this color looking too romantic or girly is to keep lines simple and clean. Marrying the color with sophisticated fabrics will prevent it from looking too youthful.

Celebrate the Season

If you ever need an excuse to break out the Fussy Pink, spring is the perfect reason. You can bring out some throw pillows and pair it with some fresh greens. It will make your space extra inviting for the season. 

Coordinating Colors

Gray bedroom with Fussy Pink bedspread

Depending on which colors you pair it with, pink can create a variety of moods. Incorporate it into a room filled with mostly neutrals, and it will add glamour. Add brown or beige to pink and it will make a space feel more sophisticated. For a look that’s a little more sophisticated, mix Fussy Pink with gray. Adding black with fussy pink will create a more graphic look. Gold metallics will make the color seem more refined.

Fussy Pink looks great with light-colored woods. It also complements green. Avocado (SW 2861), and Chartreuse (SW 0073) are excellent choices for coordinating colors.

Book a Color Consultation

Color can turn an ordinary house into an extraordinary home. As professional designers, we can help you determine which shades will work best for your home—inside and out. Contact us to book a color consultation with one of our talented designers today.

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