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Surprising Home Staging Tricks That Work

You may already know a lot of the most common home staging tips to help you sell your home faster, but there are a few lesser-known but very effective tricks that may surprise you.In our many years as home stagers, we have learned a lot of tricks that make a big difference in how home buyers feel when they tour a home. Home staging is all about speaking to a buyer’s psychology. Of course, neutralizing the color palette and decluttering are two of the must-do home staging tips, but there are some other, more subtle tricks that that may surprise you.

Not all home staging tricks are so obvious. Smaller details can have just as much of an impact on the way a buyer perceives as home as the larger ones. While they shouldn’t be the only things you do when staging a home, they do enhance the effect of the bigger strategies and make for an overall more successful showing.

Try these home staging tips that may surprise you in how well they work:

5 Surprising Home Staging Tricks That Work

1. Colorful Potted Flowers by the Front Door

Your front door is one of the very first impressions home buyers will get of your home. It’s likely they have some time to stand there looking at everything while their agent unlocks the door, so it’s important to make this spot very inviting. Besides making any necessary repairs and cleaning everything up, place some colorful flowers beside it to brighten it up. This small detail will make buyers feel more positive, a feeling which they will carry with them inside.

2. Extra Pillows on the Bed and Sofa

Pillows have a way of making a space feel warmer and more comfortable. Adding some extra pillows to your sofa and the bed in the master bedroom will make both of these areas feel more welcoming. They also give you an opportunity to infuse some colorful accents and patterns to liven up the décor.

3. A White Bath Robe & White Towels

You’ve probably noticed that luxury hotels usually offer white towels and white bath robes to their guests. Because of this, buyers subconsciously associate these things with a relaxing vacation or spa experience. Play on this psychology by hanging up a white robe in your master bathroom and putting fresh new white towels out on display. It may seem like a frivolous addition, but they will make buyers instantly feel more attracted to the space.

4. A Tray with Coffee or Wine on the Bed

Another fun home staging trick is to place a pretty tray on the bed in the master bedroom with a couple of coffee cups or wine glasses, and a bag of coffee or bottle of wine. This simple touch will have buyers thinking about relaxing in the space and unwinding after a long day. It’s a little mental queue that will spark their imaginations in a positive way.

5. Set the Table

You want buyers to imagine their lives in the home you’re selling and one of the best ways to do that is by setting the dining areas – the dining room, breakfast nook, and kitchen bar. They will have all of their meals in the home and entertain the people they care about most, so to get them thinking about it, set these areas with pretty place settings and centerpieces. They don’t have to be lavish; some simple settings will do the trick. Not only will they get buyers’ imaginations going, but they will also generally make the home look more pleasant and welcoming.

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