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Is Home Staging Worth It?

Not sure that home staging is really worth the investment? Here are 3 reasons a small investment in home staging can have a be impact on selling your home. Home staging is one of the fastest growing strategies in real estate marketing. It has been proven to sell homes faster and for more money, making it a “secret weapon” many smart real estate agents and homeowners are turning to.

But the question that often comes up is: is home staging worth the investment? It’s true that there is a small investment required to do home staging properly, but that small investment results in a much bigger pay-off. Home staging not only helps you sell your home faster for the asking price, but it has even been known to increase the value in your home and result in it selling above asking price.

Here are 3 great reasons home staging is worth the investment when you’re selling a home:

3 Reasons Home Staging is Worth the Investment

1. Your home will spend less time on the market.

One of biggest benefits of home staging is how much quicker it will help your home sell. According to ASP, 95% of staged homes sell in an average of 11 days or less. Compare that to the 90 days most unstaged homes sit on the market without a good offer.

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How long your home sits on the market directly affects your bottom line. The longer it takes, the more money you are paying out of pocket and the less money you’ll make when it finally sells.

Home staging makes your home a lot more appealing to buyers in photographs and in person, giving it that “move-in ready” appeal that most buyers are looking for and that inspires them to jump to make a competitive offer.

2. Your home will have a higher perceived value.

Home staging presents your home in the best light possible. We enhance the positives and distract from the negatives so buyers focus on its best features. It also takes away any of the guesswork buyers can get caught up in, such as how to use spare or awkward rooms, how to arrange the furniture, and how much space your home really has.

Too often, buyers walk out on a home simply because they think it’s too small when in reality, it’s just how the furniture was set up that made it feel cramped. Or, in the case of an empty home, they’ll misjudge the size of the space completely, not able to imagine how the furniture could be arranged in it.

As we mentioned earlier, a staged home has that desirable move-in ready feel that takes stress off of potential buyers and helps them relax into the idea of living in the home. They’re much more likely to feel a sense of urgency to place an offer because they’ll feel a stronger emotional attachment to the home than ones that aren’t staged or are completely empty.

3. Your home will stand out from the competition.

Even though more and more people are seeing the value of home staging, it is still considered some people’s “best-kept secret” in real estate. That means a lot of your competition won’t be taking advantage of its benefits, which will give you a leg up if you do.

A staged home shows much better than one that isn’t. Most (unstaged) homes on the market are drab, cluttered, and overall not that appealing. Staged homes, on the other hand, are more polished, give buyers the confidence that they’ve been well taken care of and will be a good investment, and speak to a buyer’s psychology to make them feel comfortable and at home as soon as they walk in.

Most buyers look at several homes before making an offer, so home staging will ensure yours stands out and makes a fantastic first impression.

Contact us today to learn more about the personalized strategy we can put together for you, regardless of where you are in the world!

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