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How Stage a Home in 7 Days

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Home staging In a hurry to sell your home? Follow these home staging tips to get your home ready for the market in a week and sell it fast. is one of the best strategies for selling a home faster and for more money. If you have to put your home up for sale on short notice, you may think you don’t have time for home staging. The truth is, you can still take advantage of its benefits with a few key home staging tips.

You don’t have to invest a lot of time and money into home staging for it to work. Even a little bit of home staging can go a long way in making a home more appealing to buyers.

Try these home staging tips when you find yourself having to sell your home on short notice:

Home Staging Tips on Short Notice


The most important part of staging a home is decluttering. Even the most well-kept home can usually benefit from extra decluttering because the less you have around, the more spacious and welcoming the home will appear to buyers. It’s a simple step that makes a huge difference.

Start by clearing off the surfaces in the home, particularly the kitchen counters and bathroom counters. Counter space is a big deal to buyers, so put away small appliances and leave only a few things on the counters to make the kitchen appear larger. In the bathroom, put away all toiletries and only leave out some hand soap and one or two pieces of décor (depending on how much counter space you have).

The same goes for bookshelves. Thin them out as much as possible, leaving about 1/3 of each shelf full. Pack up the rest.

In your closets, pack away as much as possible and arrange the clothes by color so it appears more organized.

Put away all clutter, including kids’ toys and dog toys. We recommend getting a storage unit to store the boxes in until you are ready to move into your next home. You’ll have a jump start on packing, so that’s another plus!

Give the home a deep cleaning

A deep cleaning is a must when you are putting your home on the market. Even if you keep it clean on a regular basis, take it a step further when you are selling. Dust and wipe down the baseboards, clean the vents, bleach the grout in your shower, and polish the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms. We recommend hiring professional cleaners for the best results possible.

Cover bold or outdated furniture with slipcovers

It’s best to neutralize your home as much as possible when it’s on the market so buyers won’t be distracted by the décor and can imagine their own in its place. However, if you are pressed for time and can’t paint the walls or switch out the furniture, the quickest way to hide bold colors or patterns is to use white slipcovers. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit just about any sofa or chair imaginable. This will instantly freshen up the space.

Rearrange the furniture for better traffic flow

The furniture arrangement can make a huge difference on how large a space looks and how comfortable it feels. The wrong arrangement can make the whole space feel awkward. If the room looks small, try moving things around. Also, make sure the traffic patterns feel natural. If the natural path to the next room or door is blocked, rearrange the furniture so buyers can easily move through the space.

Make as many repairs as you can

When you have limited time before putting the home on the market, you may not have time to fix all the necessary repairs. However, to make sure the home shows as well as possible, it’s important that you fix as many as you can. Repair holes in the walls, replace burned out bulbs, clean up scuffs, etc. Buyers need to see that the home has been well-maintained. If it is littered with damages, even if they are minor, they will be left wondering what is potentially lurking where they can’t see it and become concerned about the home potentially being a money pit.

Clean up the yard(s) and spruce up curb appeal

The first impression of your home starts in the driveway. Buyers will immediately start assessing how well it’s been maintained and how welcoming it feels. Make sure the lawn is mowed, hedges and trees are trimmed, and any weeds have been removed. We also recommend cleaning out the gutters, getting rid of cobwebs, sprucing up the house numbers and pressure-washing the house if you can. To make it welcoming, place a couple of colorful potted plants around the front door.

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