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Home Staging Secrets: Five Tips for a Quicker Sale

If you are selling your home, chances are you want it to happen quickly. Unfortunately, in our current weak housing market, many would-be sellers spend months waiting for a fair offer. For many sellers, however, waiting isn’t an option—but neither is accepting an unfairly low offer. Today, we’re going to cover five tips to help you sell your home more quickly—while still receiving a fair price for your home.

Cut down on the clutter. A clutter-free home feels bigger, cleaner, and more spacious. You may have to invest in storage space or move furniture and assorted odds and ends to a friend’s or relative’s home—but it’s worth the cost and the effort. More open space gives the potential buyer more space to work with as he or she pictures the layout they would create. Eliminate clutter as much as you possibly can!

Light is your friend. Natural light is extremely attractive to buyers. Keep your curtains open as much as possible—and if necessary, rearrange furniture to allow as much light as possible to shine through. If it’s cloudy, take extra steps to brighten up the home. Flowers typically work well in such a situation.

Create a clean, appealing smell. When you live in a home, you grow used to the smell. But for first-time visitors, scent plays an important role in creating the first impression. At the least, make sure that your home smells fresh and clean. To take it a step further, considering baking cookies or cake before showing the home—you’ll create a welcoming, appealing scent for your would-be buyer.

Create “curbside appeal.” You may not recognize it, but a buyer begins forming a first impression of your home well before walking in the door for the first time. In fact, the impression begins forming as soon as the buyer sees your home while driving up. The appearance of the home from the outside is importance, but so is the condition of your front yard and landscaping. Keep the grass neatly trimmed, and if you have kids make sure that they don’t leave toys strewn across the yard. If you can do a great job creating curbside appeal, you can win over your buyer before they even step in the door.

Avoid excessive personalization. It’s important that your home doesn’t feel too personalized when you’re trying to sell. After all, your goal isn’t to “charm” your visitors or help them to get to know you and your family… your goal is to provide them with a “blank slate”, as much as possible, so that their imagination can run free. Your décor should be welcoming, bright, and cheerful… but should leave plenty to the imagination!

Selling a home is never easy, particularly in a troubled real estate market like we are currently experiencing. But just because it’s a buyer’s market doesn’t mean that you can’t sell quickly and for a great price. The tips we’ve covered today will help—but please get in touch with us today to learn more!

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