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Different Solutions For Different Houses

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When you’re looking for a job, you make an effort to highlight your strongest qualities. When you’re trying to sell your house, similarly, you have specific selling points that you want to brag about – square footage, good neighborhood, close to good schools, etc. But you’d be surprised how often sellers can be counterproductive by staging their homes in a completely unsuitable manner. Doing so can make the property look cluttered, muddled, and ultimately off-putting to potential buyers.

Even if a buyer loves every other thing about your property, if it looks untidy and disorganized, they could very well pass on it.

At MHM Professional Staging, LLC, we aim to maximize a property’s salability, and one of the main rules is to make sure that all the staging techniques fit with the character and style of the property.

Since no two properties are identical, no two staging solutions will be identical either, so each property has to be staged in its own unique manner─ one that complements the property and does not clash with it. The most successful sellers are able to identify a home’s best details and draw potential buyers’ attention directly to those details. There are plenty of rules we have for all property sellers, but today we want to focus on some things that are property-specific.

Here are 3 examples of scenarios where home staging can help enhance unique features in a home:

High Ceilings

We often encounter properties with beautiful high, lofty ceilings. These make rooms look airy and open and are a highly desirable feature. When we stage this kind of property, we strive to make sure that everyone who walks into the room immediately notices the ceilings, so we use various tall, vertical accessories to ensure that people’s eyes are drawn upwards. Just having short, small elements in the room would defeat the purpose of the lofty ceilings and may even make the room look overwhelmingly big and cavernous. Instead, use something linear like an indoor tree, a large potted bamboo plant, or vertical wall art – things that are tall enough to make you want to look up. If the ceiling is the home’s best feature, be sure to show it off!

Architectural Style

The style of the house itself is also something to take into consideration. There’s usually not much you can do to change the style, so it’s important to embrace it. Of course, there are some specific dos and don’ts associated with different property styles.

In a contemporary home, for example, buyers will be drawn to its clean, modernist style. With that in mind, we keep the décor very streamlined and simple. We use as few pieces as possible while still fitting the scale of the room.

A farmhouse or a cottage in a rural setting could benefit from things like baskets, milk-jugs, and similar old-timey, rural accessories. The minimalist, contemporary house we mentioned earlier? Not so much.

It’s important to note that these touches of specific styles and character should be used sparingly. We always recommend keeping home staging as neutral and contemporary as possible to suit the widest range of buyers, but a few touches of character here and there (that fit the architecture of the home) can be beneficial when used in clever ways.

Spare Bedrooms/Bonus Areas

Doing your research and knowing what most of your potential buyers will be looking for will help you stage your home to their needs. In a very family-oriented neighborhood, parents will be looking for space for their growing families. In that instance, turning a spare bedroom into a playroom or the bonus room into a game room will help appeal to their desires.

However, a small apartment or townhome in a professional neighborhood that will likely entice a bachelor or bachelorette should appeal more to their lifestyle. A spare bedroom in that scenario would work best staged as a home office.

Again, as a seller, you don’t want a potential buyer to be put off by things that are within your control. Make sure the character of your property is well reflected by the accessories and furniture inside it to appeal to your potential buyers’ needs and you’ll be in great shape!

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