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5 Things Every Home Needs to Appeal to Buyers

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To make sure your home makes a positive impression on buyers, include these 5 things that go a long way in helping it stand out from others on the market. When you list your home on the market, you want to give it its best chance at appealing to buyers and standing out from the competition. Putting it out there “as-is” probably won’t achieve either.

To make sure your home makes a positive impression on buyers, include these 5 things that go a long way in helping it stand out from others on the market.

What Your Home Needs to Appeal to Buyers

Curb appeal

The first impression a buyer gets of a home is crucial. In some cases, if a buyer doesn’t like what they see from the driveway, they won’t even waste their time going inside. How they feel about the exterior sticks with them if they do tour the interior, affecting how they perceive every other detail after that.

To start off on the right foot, get your home’s curb appeal in its best shape possible. Maintain the lawn and landscaping, pressure-wash everything, and give the home a fresh coat of paint if it’s due for it. Extra touches like a welcome mat, potted plants by the front door, and new light fixtures will take it to the next level, too.

Clean, uncluttered space

No one enjoys going into a home that is packed with clutter. Even if the home is technically clean, it won’t feel like it is if there are items everywhere. The first step to preparing your home’s interior for sale is to declutter and give it a deep cleaning.

For a staged home, take the cleaning and decluttering to a next level beyond what you would do for a normal lived-in home. Put away personal items and family photos, neutralize the décor, and create as much space on the shelves and surfaces as possible. As for the cleaning, we recommend hiring a professional service to get it as spotless as possible, even in the hard-to-reach places. You never know what buyers will see.

Plenty of light

Dark spaces may appeal to some, but the majority of buyers prefer a bright, open space. They look larger and feel more inviting. Allow as much natural light in from the windows as possible by choosing window treatments that don’t block the light. Move furniture out of the way and trim back trees that could be hindering the light from the outside.

If your home still doesn’t offer enough natural light, place some appealing artificial lighting throughout the home to fill in dark corners and decorate with light, neutral colors. Other tricks like mirrors and reflective surfaces can bounce light to help out, too.

A welcoming vibe

Have you ever walked into a home and the energy felt off? Or it simply didn’t make you feel anything at all? A cold, unwelcoming home won’t impress buyers. In fact, many of them decide on what home to bid on based on the way it makes them feel rather than solely how many things it checks off on their list.

To create that welcoming vibe in your home, make sure the décor is neutral so that it appeals to the widest number of buyers possible. Once it’s been decluttered and cleaned, add in some special touches like a white robe hanging on the bathroom door, coffee cups in a tray on the bed in the master bedroom, and a full table setting in the dining room. Small touches can go a long way.

Rooms with a clear purpose

Many buyers struggle to imagine how a space can be used without seeing examples in front of them. Rooms that are empty or have multiple purposes can confuse buyers and make them feel like the space is wasted or won’t work for what they need.

To make sure there is no confusion, make sure every room in your home has one clear purpose. For example, portray the living room as only a living room (not a living room/playroom or living room/exercise room). Also, if you have extra space, such as a spare bedroom, loft or bonus room, choose one clear purpose and stage it as such based on what the buyers in your area will most likely be looking for. If chances are that bachelors will be primarily looking at your home, then stage an extra room or space as a home office.

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