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What to do if Your New Year's Resolutions Include "Sell my Home Quickly!"

The New Year is here, and for many people, that means New Year’s resolutions. There are many classic resolutions—getting in better shape, eating right, getting a new job, and so on—but for some home owners, there is an even higher priority. Namely, selling a home that has already been on the market for far too long.

If you’re in that situation, and selling your home for a fair price is at the top of your priority list, below are three steps that will help you expedite the process:

  1. Revamp your marketing strategy to make your listing feel “fresh”. A major challenge for the owner of a home that has been on the market for months is overcoming the “old news” aura that can surround the listing. Whether it is re-listing the home or offering additional value, find a way to generate a buzz for your home. You should also consider listing in publications or directories that you haven’t yet utilized. Your home may have been on the market for 90 days, but when a potential buyer sees it for the first time in the local newspaper, it looks fresh and exciting to him or her.
  2. Consider investing in professional home staging. Whether a buyer realizes it or not, the appearance and the “feel” of your home play a large role in determining whether he or she is interested—and how much they are willing to pay. For that reason, it is vital that your home looks its best at every showing. This means enhancing the “curbside appeal” of your home— ensuring that your property looks its best from the perspective of a drive-by prospect. And it also includes color selection, furniture layout, and de-cluttering. And while investing in a home staging professional requires an up-front investment, generally between 1-3% of your asking price, studies have shown that staging services increases the final sales price by 8-10%. You don’t have to be a financial professional to recognize the value in that equation!
  3. Identify and resolve potential “problem areas” for your buyers. Though it’s not necessarily logical, in many cases small problems like scratches on the wall or rubber stains on the floor can be a turn-off for buyers. It typically requires only a small investment of time and resources on your part in order to resolve such minor issues—but the psychological impact of eliminating these perceived negatives can make all the difference for a buyer. If you’re having trouble identifying such issues, ask a friend or family member to look through your home and identify any problems you may have missed.

If selling your home is at the top of your to-do list, these three steps will help you cross it off quickly. To learn more about the impact that professional home staging can have on your listing, get in touch with us today. Good luck… and here’s to a prosperous and Happy New Year!

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