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Revealed: How to Sell Your Home for More Money, In Less Time!

If you’re in the midst of selling your home, I understand the frustration you are likely experiencing! The current real estate market is heavily tilted in favor of the buyer—so as a seller, you are faced with an unpleasant choice. You must either sell your home for significantly below value because you’ve received nothing but low-ball offers… or, you continue to turn the offers down and wait for a better offer, which may or may not ever come.

It’s an unpleasant dilemma, to say the least.

And that’s why I’m excited to introduce a 4 part digital series entitled “More Money, Less Time, The 4 Steps To Selling Your Home Faster Through Staging.”

In this series I reveal not only why you NEED to stage a home that is going on the market in today’s economy, but I also break down how to stage every facet of a home from the front yard to the bedrooms and how to play this into a buyer’s psychology.

Over the 4 modules I reveal:

  • How to look into the mind of the buyer to see what they are really thinking about, looking at and deciding on when looking at a home on the market
  • The 4 key benefits to staging your home when you are getting ready to place a home on the market, or re-list a home that previously did not sell
  • The real benefit to you, as a home owner or a real estate agent to effectively staging a home
  • How supply and demand affect the marketplace and why staging is going to make a difference to the speed of your home being sold in a competitive market
  • How to play into the 4 mission-critical first-impression areas of a home
  • The ins and outs of staging every area of your home as listed below
  • What to do with your front yard to make your home more attractive and stand out in MLS listings
  • How to make subtle changes to your front door and entryway that make it pop off the block
  • How to ensure that your living room has the feel a homeowner is going to want in their own living room
  • What NOT to do in your kitchen and bathrooms that will turn away potential buyers
  • How to create the ideal environment in all of your bedrooms to ensure your home can be shown to families, professionals and everyone in between
  • How to add life to your backyard without breaking your budget
  • The feelings that you want every buyer to have from the minute they enter the home
  • How to detract from negative attributes in your home and bring the attention to the areas that have life and positive qualities
  • The key benefits of using a professional stager or a staging company so you can focus on your life, or your new home without the stress of working on your current home
  • And so much more…

Whether your home is currently on the market or you are planning to sell soon, this series will help you sell your home quickly—and for more money! Visit us on the web today to learn more!

A beautiful home sells faster.

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