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Four Ways to Increase Home Value…Without Spending a Fortune

Virtually every client that I work with has two goals when it comes to selling their house. The first is to sell the home as quickly as possible—nobody wants to wait around during this process. And the second, of course, is to sell for as high of a price as possible.

The problem that many people face while selling their homes is that their two goals would seem to be contradicting each other. It’s easy to sell quickly… but this often means taking less than the home is worth. On the other hand, it may be possible to sell for a great price… but only if you’re willing to wait for a long time!

At MHM Professional Staging, we help our clients accomplish both goals—we help them sell quickly, and for a great price. Today, we’re going to discuss the second goal… how to maximize the sale price of a home.

Ways to increase home value

Below are four ways that you can increase the value of your home… without spending a fortune in the process:

1)     Clean and organize your garage. Many homes don’t have a fully usable garage—so if you have a garage, cleaning it out and organizing it adds great value. Even if it means storing boxes of junk with family or friends, find a way to make your garage appear functional and spacious.

2)     Upgrade countertops. Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere in your home, upgrading your countertops can make a big impression on a potential buyer. Concrete or granite are great, but pricier, options – while plastic laminate can work well if you are on a tight budget.

3)     Focus on the curbside appeal. The first impression your home makes is essential—and in most cases, this takes place outside of your home. Clean up your driveway. Keep the lawn well trimmed. If possible, hire a landscaper to create an appealing design in the front yard.

4)     Invest in great lighting. Lighting can make all the difference—particularly in important rooms such as the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. It’s important to have a variety of light sources, and dimmers are also very helpful in order to precisely control the environment.

If you’d like to learn more about staging your home to help it sell quickly and for maximum value, please give us a call today!

A beautiful home sells faster.

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