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Feng Shui First Impression for Sales Success

In our professional experiences, working with home owners who have their house on the market, the techniques of feng shui are nowhere near their radar. Most sellers do not think about the energy flowing through their home, and the life forces that are affected by environmental factors like clutter, traffic flow and positioning of furnishings. Thankfully for these folks, we are here to help. Even the ancient Chinese system of creating positive energy flow should be considered when one is serious about selling their house.

Let’s begin at the beginning: According to expert resources, feng shui is a Chinese system that leverages both the forces of Heaven and Earth to influence an environment’s positive “qi,” pronounced “chee” in English. Essentially, certain arrangements and actions can cause the qi energy to be either good or bad. Therefore, the practices that create positive energy flow are considered to be good feng shui practices.

For example, according to feng shui, the way in which someone enters and exits through their home, affects the changes in the home’s qi. When walking a prospective buyer through your home, good feng shui practice encourages using the front door rather than side doors or the garage entry. Pay attention to what the buyers notice first in the home. By using the front door to enter, the home’s qi flows properly through the home, giving people positive subconscious vibes.

Sound crazy? Maybe… but it works! This topic is so critical that HGTV posted a “Do’s and Don’ts” list to ensure that your home is free of bad energy! According to HGTV writer, Stephanie McWilliams, offers even more detailed advice on how to treat your entryway for best feng shui practices. Be sure that you DO “create an inviting and eye-catching entrance, both inside and out.” To do this, include a waterfall or artwork that acts as a visual “greeter” for visiting guests. “Add bright and beautiful lighting so the pathway is safe and visible,” McWilliams advises, and “place inspiring objects leading up to the door, like a meandering pathway and flowers.” Speaking of plants, be sure that you use lots of greens, especially evergreens that will stay lush all year.

With these helpful hints for creating good entryway feng shui in mind, I have to warn you that there are important decorating No-No’s when it comes to protecting your home’s qi energy. Be sure to – at all costs – avoid an extravagant accumulation of paperwork, discarded trash or broken objects near your home’s entrance. Clear any furnishings or accessories that disrupt the flow of foot traffic – and thus, energy – from flowing smoothly into the home. This type of “qi”-killing clutter will be an immediate turn-off to your buyers (just read our articles about clutter-prevention!). Also, if your home’s front door opens into a foyer wall or dead end, treat the wall with a mirror to help “visually expand the space.” Finally, do not “let your garage door draw more attention than your home’s entrance,” McWilliams advises. Making the right entryway first impression is so important for winning the hearts of your home buyers!

For more information on promoting good qi energy in your for-sale home, contact us today.

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