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8 Pieces of Decor That Will Help Sell Your Home

The right décor can have a powerful sway on home buyers. While this may seem frivolous and unnecessary since buyers are purchasing the house and not what’s in it, the power of it lies in psychology.

The buyers that walk through your home will also be touring many others. While many factors will come into play in their decision making, a good deal of it will stem from the emotional connection they feel with a property. That’s where home staging comes into play. To make a home appeal to buyers on an emotional level, it needs to feel warm and inviting and ignite their imagination.

There are a lot of ways to make your home more appealing to buyers with home staging, but there are 8 key pieces of décor that we use over and over again. Check out what these accessories are that you can use to help sell your home faster.

8 Pieces of Decor That Will Help Sell Your Home

1. Slipcovers

Slipcovers are a stylish and affordable way to give your home a facelift. You can buy them for sofas, armchairs, and dining room chairs. If any of these pieces in your home have seen better days due to stains or damages, slipcovers are a quick and easy way to spruce them up and give them a fresh look.

They are also great to use if your furniture has a very bold pattern or color. We highly recommend neutralizing your home’s color palette when it’s on the market because personalized décor can distract and turn off a high number of buyers. Slipcovers allow you to neutralize your furniture without having to rent or purchase entirely new stuff.

2. Pillows and Throws

Adding some extra pillows to a bed or sofa is a quick way to make your home feel warmer and more luxurious. Stick to mostly neutral colors with a few pops of color or pattern. While you don’t want to overload the bed or sofa with pillows, at least 3 on the sofa and 5-8 on the bed will make it feel more inviting.

Throws are also simple decorative additions we love. Drape one over the arm of a sofa or chair, or across the foot of the bed. The result is an elegant touch that will make buyers feel like they are somewhere special.

3. Fresh Bedding

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, especially in the master, so it’s important that it helps the space capture a feeling of relaxation. You want it to look like a personal retreat buyers will be itching to unwind in. An easy way to do this is to switch out to your bedding to something fresh and new. Stick with white or neutrals and bring in some color through a few accent pillows.

If your dog or cat lays on the bed, an alternative option is a coverlet. At night, use your regular comforter, but then switch it out during showings to the “show ready” option.

4. White Towels

Every hotel has crisp, white towels, so people unconsciously equate them with luxury and relaxation. Put away your personal towels and place the new, white ones on the towel rack and folded over the tub during showings. You can pick some up very inexpensively at places like Walmart, Target and HomeGoods.

5. Area Rugs

Area rugs do wonders for defining a space and making it feel cozier. They are also great for covering up stains or damages on your flooring. Or, if you have colorful carpet you can’t afford to replace, neutral area rugs can help tone down the color.

6. Fresh Flowers

It may sound very simple, but fresh flowers make any space feel more inviting. They provide a touch of life and color that can never be underestimated. Display them in a clear, inexpensive vase that you can pick up at places like Walmart, Target, HomeGoods, and sometimes even the Dollar Store.

They look great placed on the kitchen counter, as a centerpiece on the dining room table, on an end table or coffee table, or even on a bathroom counter. If you aren’t keen on using fresh flowers, fake flowers work just as well.

7. Mirrors

We love mirrors because they not only make a space look larger, but they also reflect light to make it brighter and more open. They are especially helpful in entryways, which are often small and/or lacking in sufficient lighting. You can also use them in hallways, over a fireplace or even over a bed.

8. Artwork

When staging a home, you definitely don’t want to leave all the walls empty. This can make the home feel cold and sterile. Artwork helps create a more inviting atmosphere, brings color and character to the walls, and makes the home feel more appealing overall.

Artwork can be very personal, so what we have displayed in our homes currently is not always fitting for when it goes on the market. Art for home staging should be appropriate and non-controversial, so be very intentional when selecting it. Click here for guidelines to help you choose the right art for home staging.

Include these 8 accessories sell your home faster by appealing to a buyer’s psychology. If you’d like some personalized advice, contact us today to learn how we can help you with our virtual staging services.

A beautiful home sells faster.

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