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6 Tips for Selling a Home During the Rainy Season

House hunting in the rain isn't ideal but plenty of buyers do it. As a seller, you can make your home extra appealing during the rainy season by following these simple but effective tips. In an ideal world, every day our home is on the market would be bright and sunny so buyers have the best experience possible. However, that’s just not always the case, especially during certain times of the year. Many buyers will still tour homes in the rain, so it’s important to make sure yours is ready to make a great impression no matter what the state of the weather is.

Follow these simple home staging tips to make your home appealing in rain or shine by going the extra mile to give buyers a great experience.

Rainy Season Home Selling Tips

Let the light in

One of the biggest downsides to selling a home in the rain is how dark the interior of your home may become. When a room isn’t properly lit, it can appear smaller and have a less welcoming vibe, which won’t be appealing to buyers. To counteract this, make sure there is a good source of artificial lighting in every room. No corner should be left in the dark. It’s okay if it feels cozy as long as it doesn’t feel dark and drab, so turn on all the lights before showings.

Give buyers a place to wipe their feet

Not only do you not want buyers and realtors tracking water and dirt into your home, but they won’t feel comfortable doing so, either. Place a nice mat by the front door that they can wipe their feet on before stepping inside. You may also want to offer disposable booties in a pretty basket by the door if you have carpeted, brand new or light-colored flooring. They can slip them on over their shoes while they tour the home, then toss them in a conveniently placed trash can on their way out.

Put out an umbrella stand

Buyers will probably use an umbrella to make their way to the door from their car, so consider putting an umbrella stand by the front door as a courtesy. You could also lean an umbrella by the back door so people can peek outside without getting wet if there is no cover there.

Make it warm and inviting

No one likes to be cold and wet from the rain, so you have a chance to make your home feel extra warm and inviting on rainy days. Fill the home with a beautiful scent from a candle, oil diffuser or by baking some delicious cookies or muffins in the oven. Put out some brightly colored flowers to bring some life to the space and get a fire going if you have a fireplace.

Offer snacks

A long day of house hunting can work up an appetite, so offer some snacks for buyers to munch on while they tour your home. Be sure to provide some water, as well, such as bottled water or paper cups next to a pretty water dispenser with a bit of lemon or lime in it.

Check for leaks and clean out the gutters

Be sure to check the home for any leaks and clean out the gutters ahead of time. You don’t want your buyers to be the ones to discover those leaks during a rainstorm while they are touring your home.

A beautiful home sells faster.

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