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Megan Morris Publishes An Article on

Staging Expert Megan Morris: Make Clients Feel at Home in the Office

Many people spend plenty of time in the office, so it’s important to make the workspace feel like a home that’s inviting not only to the employer or employee, but also to his or her clients, according to MHM Professional Staging founder and CEO Megan Morris.

Orlando FL- In the post “More Than Just an Office Space”, on, home staging expert Morris offered business personnel her home staging tips for bringing a sense of invite for clients in their office.

“Office interior decorating is not just important; it’s a way for you to further cement your business and show your personality to clients,” she said. “There are many ways to allow the appearance and environment of your office space come off as more eye catching and stylish. Besides bad service, nothing is more off-putting to customers than a space that is not inviting or comfortable.”

Two aspects Morris said are essential to establishing the right at-home feel in the office are lighting and seating.

Lighting establishes the office’s atmosphere. There are studies that illustrate how interior lighting affects people’s emotions and social behaviors. According to Morris, clean and open windows lend to the best lighting because such windows bring in natural light and therefore comfort into the space. Artificial lighting such as fluorescents create a negative effect. “Nice lighting is crucial to creating a warm and inviting ambiance in a commercial space. Stay away from harsh, unattractive lighting such as fluorescent lights,” said Morris.

An office’s comfort also relies on seating. Uncomfortable seats will give clients a bad experience because such discomfort would make a client want to depart.“Offer comfortable, stylish seating for [their] clients,” Morris said. “You don’t want your clients rushing out the door or getting distracted because they are uncomfortable.”

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