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Megan Morris On the Cover of Orlando’s CMD Magazine

megan morris cmd magazine

Despite the most recent upswing, selling a house in today’s market is still not an easy task. It is not uncommon for a house to be up for sale for over a year before it is sold and sell for less than what the homeowner expected.

The good news is that there is now an effective way to sell your house faster and for the maximum market value: home staging. Megan Morris, author of the book Stageology, defines home staging as, “the process of preparing a house for sale, regardless of price, location, or market condition.”This creative process may include painting the home, adding new lighting to create a better ambiance and bringing in new furniture and décor. Ultimately, the goal is to make the home as warm and inviting as possible while also appealing neutral enough to appeal to the highest number of buyers.

It has been documented that 95% of professionally staged homes sell in 23 days or less. Home staging can also increase the value of the home by thousands of dollars. Megan recommends home staging as she has personally witnessed it be a wise investment countless times.

Ms. Morris has been a decorator and a professional home stager for 15 years. She has been interviewed on many radio and television programs on networks such as CNN, ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC as an expert on home staging. She regularly receives referrals from homeowners who have sold their homes fast and for the best price as a result of home staging.

If you want the best results from selling your home, home staging by Megan Morris is the solution.

MHM Professional Staging, LLC is located at 6450 Kingspointe Parkway, Suite 4, Orlando, FL 32819. Call 407-383-4361 or visit contact us today!]]>

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A beautiful home sells faster.

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