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How to Host the Perfect Wedding…In Your Home!

Have you ever been asked to host a wedding at your home? Or, perhaps you’ve realized that your home could be a great venue, and you like the idea of receiving some extra income. (Who doesn’t?) Of course, there’s a whole lot more to hosting a great wedding than simply opening up your house.

While you’ll work closely with the wedding party to put the details in to place, here’s a brief checklist of items you won’t want to forget:

  • Chairs for guests (You’ll probably need to rent these)
  • Invitations
  • Wedding programs
  • Music & entertainment (a DJ, or perhaps simply a stereo system to play music)
  • Table cloths, dishes, and cutlery
  • Guest book
  • Drinks (If you’re serving alcohol, make sure you have options for those who don’t drink)
  • Servers for cake and other food items (if applicable)
  • Unity candles
  • Table for wedding gifts

In addition to these essentials, here are some important items to keep in mind as you plan your home wedding:

1) Don’t overcrowd the event.

Determine how many people your property can comfortably accommodate, and don’t go above this number. Also, remember to account for both guests and servers / staff. Nothing ruins an event as quickly as being overcrowded!

2) Be aware of your environment.

Does your city have noise restrictions or other ordinances that may make hosting a wedding untenable? Make sure you look into these before proceeding. In addition, be courteous of your neighbors!

3) Make sure you have a plan in place for bad weather.

Many home weddings take place primarily outdoors, which is fine—unless the weather doesn’t cooperate. Make sure that you have a ‘Plan B’ in case it rains. If you’re planning to host 100 guests but can only accommodate 50 of them inside your home, you’ll need to either reconsider how many guests to invite or make other arrangements—such as renting a large tent for your yard.

The key to hosting a great wedding lies in careful planning. Don’t leave the details to chance! If you’d like to learn more, feel free to give us a call today!

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