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How to Make Your Bedroom Decor More Romantic

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Want to make your bedroom look and feel more romantic? Try these easy decorating tips you can implement right away for a big change. One of the most common requests for bedroom décor is for it to be romantic. It’s wonderful to have a sense of luxury in the bedroom where you can relax, unwind, and feel at peace with yourself. It should be your own personal retreat from the world.

Making a bedroom look and feel romantic is as easy as incorporating a few key elements into the décor. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you want to make your current space feel more romantic, these romantic bedroom decorating tips will help you create a space you adore.

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Tips


Lighting is one of the most powerful elements in controlling how a bedroom feels, especially if you want a romantic vibe. Low lighting is the best for this vibe, both in intensity and placement. Table lamps and floor lamps cast a glow that is lower and more relaxing, while light that hangs over you, like a chandelier, casts harsher shadows. If you do have a chandelier in the bedroom, put a dimmer on it so you can soften the lighting when you want to. Candles, of course, are the most romantic lighting of all, so place those around for a beautiful, natural glow.


Beautiful flowers are inherently romantic. When you place them around your space, it literally fills it with life. Certain flowers are particularly romantic, like roses, but there are a variety of beautiful flowers that can soften your bedroom and make it more appealing. You can opt for fresh ones to get a romantic scent flowing through the room, too, or go with faux flowers to get the same aesthetic without the maintenance.

Want your bedroom decor to be more romantic? Follow these easy tips and ideas! |


Curtains are a must for a romantic bedroom. They finish off the room and soften the windows in a way that makes it feel very comfortable and luxurious. To make it really romantic, choose curtains in a rich, heavy fabric. Even if you are decorating with light colors, drapes in an upscale fabric will add to the luxury and romance of the space.


Incorporate other luxurious textiles into your bedroom, like a fluffy comforter, lots of accent pillows, and a throw over the base of the bed. The more soft textures there are around you, the more romantic and comfortable it will feel.

Want your bedroom decor to be more romantic? Follow these easy tips and ideas! |


Music is an element that can transform any space by an action as easy as pressing a button. Whether you want to feel romantic, relaxed, or energized, music can help you get into the mood. Incorporate a source of music into your bedroom decor, such as a stereo or iPod dock, so you can play music whenever you’d like.

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