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How to Make a Home Feel Cozier

Want to make your home feel cozier for the fall, winter or any other season? Try these easy decorating tips to instantly add some warmth and charm to any room.During the fall and winter seasons, we all want our homes to feel cozier. It’s a time to snuggle up on the sofa, drink hot cocoa, and read a good book. It’s a time for candles and soft fabrics and being with the ones we love.

So, how do you create a cozier ambiance in your home? There are some simple decorating tricks that can give your home a warmer, more relaxing vibe that will make you sink right into the fall and winter spirit.

Here are 5 decorating tips to make your home feel cozier for the season – or any time of year, for that matter:

Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozier

Soft Textiles

Nothing says “cozy” like something soft to cuddle up to. Even from an aesthetic standpoint, soft textiles like pillows, throws, and rugs can instantly give a space a more comfortable vibe. Add extra accent pillows to your sofa or bed, drape a throw over the arm of a chair, and place a plush area rug down to define the space.


Other soft textiles to take advantage of are curtains. A room with curtains instantly looks more “finished” than one without them, and they also soften the space to make it feel more luxurious and intimate.


Different types of lighting create different moods in a space. For a cozier appeal, stick with bulbs that have a warm glow and use lampshades to diffuse and soften it. You can also put some candles in a relaxing scent such as vanilla or cinnamon to add to the ambiance.

Natural Textures

Certain elements from nature have an inherently cozy vibe, such as wood, which is known to warm and shelter us. You can incorporate wood into your décor in big statements, such as with a reclaimed wood accent wall, or you can use smaller accents like a tray or coffee table to add a rustic touch to your décor.


Music has a wonderful effect on our stress levels and creates a general sense of comfort. There are many ways you can play music in your home – with a stereo, record player, docking station for your phone or iPod, streaming device for your television, or your cable station might even offer several free genre-specific stations you can tune to like any other channel. If you’re willing to make a larger investment, you can even have an intercom system installed in your home that can also be used to filter music through every room.

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