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How to Bring Big Style to a Small Balcony


A small balcony may seem impossible to decorate, but they can actually pack a lot of style with some simple tricks!Having an outdoor space is a wonderful luxury. It’s great to be able to step outside and enjoy the fresh air in your own private space. If you have a small apartment balcony, it may seem like it would be hard to personalize and enjoy it with such limited square footage, but there are actually a lot of great ways to take advantage of the space and make it your own.

Try these creative decorating ideas for small balconies to make yours stylish, cozy, and functional with just a few simple tricks.

Small Balcony Decorating Ideas

Small table and two chairs

The most popular set-up for a small balcony is a small table with two chairs. It’s functional, attractive, and versatile, as there are plenty of options to choose from. When picking a table and chairs for a balcony, we recommend opting for pieces that are visually lightweight. Bulky furniture will make the space appear smaller and more cluttered. Furniture that has a slender build like wrought iron, lucite, or foldable pieces are perfect for small spaces.

Area rug

A small area rug is a nice touch to bring some warmth to the balcony and make it feel more like an outdoor room. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up with cozy textiles. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate some texture (like a natural fiber rug), color, or a pattern for some character.

Hanging and potted plants

Plants and flowers always bring life to a space, especially an outdoor one. Beautiful potted plants look great in the corner of a balcony, but if you don’t want to take up any floor space, hang them instead. You can mount plant holders to the wall, hang them from the ceiling, or even clip them to the railing.

Outdoor curtains

We love the way outdoor curtains transform an outdoor space. They instantly make it feel more polished and stylish, not to mention add privacy and shade.

Multi-purpose ottomans

Ottomans are some of the best pieces of furniture for a small space, indoor or out, because of the variety of purposes they can serve. You can sit on them, use them as a table, and even store things in them if they are hollow inside. There are a variety of options on the market to choose from, so you can get exactly what you want. You may want to skip the table and opt for a solid ottoman, for example, that can serve as table or seating depending on the occasion.


Installing shelving on the wall or putting a narrow bookshelf outside (in weather-proof paint or material, of course) gives you a nice spot to put plants, herbs, or décor on your balcony.


A bench on one end of the balcony is perfect for seating or storage. You could put a table in front of it, add an ottoman or two, or leave it as-is for a charming and cozy balcony. They’re also easy to make yourself as a weekend DIY project so it fits your space perfectly.

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