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From Rugged to Romantic

Everybody wants to relax. After a difficult day, or week, the most comforting place to come home to is home. Not just a house – an inviting, warm, emotionally and physically comforting home. At MHM Professional Staging, LLC., we are in the business of creating appealing environments that make prospective buyers take a deep breath and say, “Ahhhhhh,” when they walk through the rooms.

It’s all about setting the stage to play into your home buyers’ emotions. Because the bottom line is that your real estate buyer prospects will be more likely to sign a contract with you if they are emotionally attached to your home. So hang the lush terry cloth robes in the master bedroom closet (or drape them across the edge of the bathroom’s oversized tub), set out a bottle of wine, and romance your prospective buyers with your professional home staging.

In our business, we know exactly what works. And food is one of the most powerful tools for providing a romantic experience for your buyers. In a recently published article titled “The Art of Scenting Your Home,” the writer, Coryanne Ettiene claims that, “For centuries perfumists have been sharing the important role smell plays in how we react to our environment, suggesting that scent is linked to our memory and emotions.  Creating the right aroma in your home will have a subconscious emotional impact on those enjoying it.”

She writes that for specific emotional reactions, “Lemon encourages trust and makes people feel less aggressive.  Realtors and home staging experts have long trusted the scent of lemon for creating a welcoming and fresh smelling environment. Vanilla eases anxiety, encourages memories of past celebrations and gives the home that fresh baked scent that makes everyone happy.”

Romantic Settings at Home

In creating more alluring environments to appeal to one’s sense of romantic intimacy, we use scented candles set in the master suite, with a luxurious tray of chocolate covered strawberries to suggest indulgence. An enticing space like this could be enjoyed by a single woman, or a couple alike. Relationship status does not dictate the need for relaxation – just the activity! Of course, when not using a professional staging company, be sure to keep your romantic settings appropriate for all audiences.

If scented candles are not being used, you can also use fabric perfumes. According to Ettiene, “Lavender encourages relaxation and reduces stress. Try adding a sachet of freshly dried lavender to your dryer next time you do your laundry or adding sachets of dried lavender to your bedroom pillows for the perfect slumber.” However, for a more sultry scent, add “Sandlewood, Neroli, Jasimin, Bergamont or Ylang Ylang essential oil to your bedroom linens or bathwater.”

Romantic staging can be set in every room. Your kitchen can boast an indulgent pot roast smell, with a fully set table to evoke the family-friendly vibe from parents, or a socially-active feel for singles. The key is to strategically use food, scent, comforting fabrics and other tools for romancing your buyers to purchase your for-sale home.


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