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Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Want to give your outdoor space a touch of fall spirit? Try these easy decorating ideas for the season!Fall is the favorite time of year for a lot of us here at MHM. We love the beautiful weather, promise of the holidays coming up, and the many great decorating opportunities that come with the season.

We recently published some fall decorating tips for your home, but we don’t want to leave out your outdoor spaces! There are a lot of fun and stylish ways to give your front porch and backyard some seasonal flair.

Check out these fall decorating ideas for your outdoor space to get inspired:

Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Accent Pillows in Fall Colors

Add some extra comfort to your outdoor seating with some pillows in fall colors and patterns. Warm colors – like burnt red, burgundy, dark green, deep orange, and browns – will bring a touch of fall to your existing furniture. You can even set up some oversized pillows on the floor for extra seating. Mix it up by incorporating some patterns and textures like tartan, burlap, and fall floral motifs.

Cozy Throws

For even more coziness, place a soft throw over your outdoor seating. Tartan is a great choice for the pattern as it’s commonly associated with fall and will bring some dimension to your outdoor décor. You’ll love snuggling up to your pillows and throw on a cool fall evening.

Rustic Wreaths

A rustic wreath is a staple of fall. An oversized wreath can serve as the main focal point on your front door or you can use multiple ones on your patio or balcony as wall art. The best part is that you can customize them to make them your own.

Décor from Nature

There are tons of elements from nature to play with for fall decor. Corn husks, corn stalks, pumpkins, gourds, twine, branches, reclaimed wood, leaves, and apples are just some of your most popular options. Most of these things can be found in your own backyard or at your local supermarket and are all very budget-friendly. Get creative with how you use them to make your décor truly unique.

For example: stack a few white pumpkins and paint your house numbers on them for your front porch, hang a basket of apples from your front door, or flank your steps with two large corn stalks.

Seasonal Blooms

Switch out your spring/summer flowers with seasonal blooms such as mums. These colorful flowers are perfect for the season and look great when you put them in big planters. The planters themselves can also bring a fall flair if you use a country or shabby chic option like metal pales or wood baskets.

Vintage Finds

Add some charm to your outdoor space with some shabby chic, vintage elements, like distressed frames, mirrors, or an old pair of boots (in which you could even stick some seasonal flowers). A few of these touches will give your space some extra character.

Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Send your guests a sweet message on a chalkboard sign, which you can customize as often as you’d like. This is an easy DIY project you could create yourself or you can purchase one at various craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

For more seasonal décor tips that you can use all year-round, check out Megan’s free Home Staging Webinar on the topic!

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