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Clever Ideas to Create Style and Storage in a Nursery

Getting ready to decorate a nursery? Here are some creative ideas for nursery decor and storage to make the most of the space. Decorating a nursery to get it ready for a newborn is an exciting part of the process. The two most important things are that it is comfortable and functional. It’s a lot of fun to get creative and make the space a stylish, inviting haven for your baby. And of course, you want plenty of storage and efficiency, as well.

Here are some simple tips that will make your nursery more stylish and functional with some clever, creative ideas.

Nursery Ideas

Go vertical

Vertical wall space is a gold mine for storage when used efficiently. Hang shelving, hooks, and baskets for extra storage that is easy to access. Keep things you need on a regular basis, like paper products and toiletries, at an easy-to-reach level and store other items you don’t need as often up higher. You could even use the higher shelving to display charming décor that is easy to switch out as the child grows.

Baskets and crates

Baskets, boxes, and bins are great for storing everything from clothes and shoes to extra diapers and toiletries. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, and you can slip them right onto shelving, a surface, or even the closet. You can even grab the entire bin if you need to, making them efficient and versatile.

Chalkboard wall

Children love to draw on things, so a chalkboard wall (or even just a section of the wall framed out) is a wonderful feature to install. In the beginning, you and guests can write messages for the baby and as they grow, you can take their measurements for a growth chart and allow them to express their own creativity on it.

Hang a pegboard

A pegboard is another smart storage solution. Hang it on the wall and then insert things like cups and baskets for storage. The flexibility and versatility of a pegboard makes them very convenient as your storage needs change.

Take advantage of space under the crib

Just like the space under the bed is a great spot for extra storage, so is the crib. You can purchase under-the-bed storage containers that will slide right under it in case you’re limited on space and looking for some extra organizational real estate.

Turn diapers into décor

Another clever option for storage is to store some items in plain sight. Roll up diapers and wrap them with pretty rubber bands, then arrange them in a basket next to the changing table. Not only will they serve as some cute décor, but it’s also super functional and makes it handy to grab a diaper when you need it.

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