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7 Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

Make your home office a more inspiring place to work in with these easy, must-do organizing tips.One of the rooms in the house that tends to get cluttered most quickly is the home office. Given all the important documents this space stores, it is crucial that you have an organized system that is functional and efficient for you.

You want to feel inspired when you are in your home office. When things are cluttered and hard to find, it will make doing work or home-related tasks that much harder. To have a clear head, you need an organized office.

While this may seem like a daunting task, it is actually very easy to whip your home office into shape with the right organizing tips and tricks. With just a few quick changes, you’ll notice your productivity will substantially improve.

Here are 7 home office organizing tips that will turn this space into one that motivates and inspires you.

Organizing Tips for Home Offices

1. Go through old papers.

Paperwork builds up quickly and takes up a lot of space. Take the time to go through all your old paperwork to purge anything you no longer need.

2. Digitally store receipts and business cards.

Instead of keeping receipts and business cards in files that take up a lot of space, invest in a machine such as a Neat Organizer to create digital copies you can store on your computer. This will instantly free up space in your office and will be very easy to maintain once you’ve uploaded your current stash.

3. Color-code your files.

An easy way to quickly identify your files is to assign a different colored folder to each category. This way, you will know what you’re looking for at a glance rather than having to thumb through the labels, and can easily expand each category into multiple folders.

4. Use pretty storage boxes and label them.

Store loose items and documents in pretty storage boxes that you can slip onto your shelves or sit on your desk. They will visually declutter the space and even add a stylish element to it. Invest in a label maker to label them with a clean, professional flair so you can easily locate what you need.

5. Organize your books.

Take the time to organize your books in a system that works for you. Most people like to organize them alphabetically or by category, but you could also organize them by color for a more stylish look. It all depends on your personal taste.

6. Take advantage of wall space.

Your walls offer so many great opportunities for more storage space. Install shelving above the door, hang a magnetic or cork board over your desk, or hang a mail organizer in an awkward corner. By going vertical, you gain a lot more space.

7. Use baskets, trays and separators on your desk.

There are a variety of attractive organizers of varying sizes that are perfect for catching loose items on your desk. A tray, for example, looks chic and can corral small items such as a cup of pens, notepad, and tape dispenser. Baskets are great for dropping your recent mail in and separators can keep track of documents you need to file or bills you need to pay.

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