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7 Elements for Creating a Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Get some inspiration and direction for your Thanksgiving centerpiece by mixing and matching these 7 simple fall decor elements.The most important piece of décor on your Thanksgiving table is the centerpiece. After all, the main event at Thanksgiving is the feast with family and friends and the centerpiece is at the literal center of it all.

There are a lot of fun and creative ways to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece your own. Nature has a lot of beautiful elements to play with and you can customize them to create something truly unique. When it comes down to it, a fall centerpiece only requires a few key elements to make it look great.

Here are 7 elements you can use to create an easy but fabulous Thanksgiving centerpiece your guests will be wowed by. Mix and match them to design something truly unique to your table.

Easy Elements for Creating a Fall Centerpiece

Pumpkins and Gourds

Nothing says “fall” quite like pumpkins and gourds. They are the perfect components for a Thanksgiving centerpiece, especially with how versatile they can be. There are a few different natural choices out there, from orange and white to multi-colored, or you can take it upon yourself to customize them. Painting them in a metallic finish, for example, will give them a glamorous twist.

Fall Flowers

Incorporate some fall flowers into your Thanksgiving centerpiece for a touch of color and elegance. Some of the best choices for the season are chrysanthemums, garden mums, pansies, beautyberry, and sunflowers. They’ll immediately breathe some life into your centerpiece.


A bed of greenery is a great base for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. For a more modern look, use only greenery with either white or a pop of color, such as orange pumpkins. Green also looks beautiful when paired with wood accents for a chic, rustic look.

Twigs & Branches

As we mentioned, wood is a fantastic element to incorporate into a fall centerpiece for a rustic touch. Twigs and branches do well to fill in a centerpiece or you can even take a more modern, minimalist approach by making them the main focal point. For a more glamorous look, spray paint them in a metallic paint or bits of glitter for a chic sparkle.

Lights or Candles

Adding light to your centerpiece is an easy way to make it a lot more dynamic. White Christmas lights can be draped on or around it for a pretty twinkle or you can use tea lights for something more minimal. Candles are also a classic choice, especially if you place them atop some beautiful candlesticks as part of your centerpiece.

A Wooden Base

An option for the base of your centerpiece is to use a wooden tray or bowl to gather everything in. This will bring a lovely, rustic touch to the table and give you a defined area around which to build your centerpiece. Depending on your taste, you can choose from a variety of different wood tones and shapes.

A Table Runner

Finally, a table runner can help pull the whole look together by joining your centerpiece with the rest of the tablescape. You can go with something rustic, like a burlap table runner, or something more contemporary such as a black and white striped runner. Keep your centerpiece in mind when choosing a runner and vice versa to make sure everything tells a cohesive story.

For more tips on decorating for the season, click here to check out our fall décor tips.

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