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7 Elements for Creating a Beautiful Christmas Tablescape

A zoomed in shot of a Christmas tablescape.

christmastablescapeOne of our favorite parts of Christmas is the inspiring process of decorating our homes for the season. It’s a lot of fun to give our homes a touch of holiday style and cheer with some festive accents that help bring the season to life.

The dining room table is one of the most important areas to give a holiday flair because it’s where our family and friends gather to celebrate. To create a beautiful Christmas tablescape, your imagination is the limit. You can keep it simple or go extravagant, neutral or colorful, modern or traditional.

Whichever you choose, there are some core elements that work with any type of Christmas tablescape and will give you some ideas on which you can build.

Here are our favorite go-to elements for a stylish Christmas tablescape:

Christmas Tablescape Ideas


Pinecones are a staple of the holidays and work great as part of a Christmas tablescape. They’re budget-friendly, especially if you have them in your own yard, but even if you don’t you can pick some up at any craft store very inexpensively in various sizes.

To decorate with them, you can scatter them down the center of the table, fill a clear vase with them, or even use them as place cards for your guests.

For a rustic, traditional look, keep them their natural color, but if you want to get creative with the color scheme then feel free to spray paint them, dip them in glitter, and customize them however you see fit.


Nothing says Christmas quite like some beautiful garland. You can run it down the length of the table or curl it around a vase or other central element, then choose to leave it bare for a more minimalist look or add other decorative touches to it, such as lights, ornaments, Poinsettias and other holiday accents.

Pops of Red

You can’t go wrong with red for holiday décor. If you want to spice up your tablescape, incorporate some red accents into it, such as ornaments, decorative sculptures, plates, napkins or even a runner. Red looks especially chic when paired with greenery or a white backdrop and other light accents, such as silver or gold.


If you want to give your Christmas centerpiece some character, incorporate some reindeer into it. One large reindeer looks great in place of a vase or you can use smaller ones around the centerpiece bring some depth to the tablescape. For a rustic look, go with reindeer that are wooden; for a more modern or contemporary vibe, white, metallic or a solid color will look best.

Metallic Accents

Bring a glamorous touch to your Christmas tablescape with some metallic touches. A little bit of sheen will make it much more contemporary and give it an elegant vibe. A white table with gold or silver accents will create a very chic, winter tablescape or you can accent a more traditional palette with just a few touches of metallic for a more subtle look.

Tartan or Gingham

These two patterns bring warmth and coziness to a table. They’re perfect for a runner, napkins, or even as the pattern on decorative sculptures. Either one can lean rustic or contemporary depending on what you pair them with.

Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree doesn’t have to be limited to your living room – they look great on your table, too! There are tons of Christmas trees and tree-shaped sculptures in various sizes and styles that you can use on a table as a centerpiece or even as place cards.

For more tips on decorating with seasonal décor, click here to watch Megan’s free webinar!

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