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5 Steps to Getting Your Outdoor Space Stylish & Ready for Summer


Ready to start enjoying your outdoor space this summer? Make it even more fun with these stylish decorating tips that will freshen it up.Summer is finally here! With the season comes lots of outdoor fun and relaxation. If you have an outdoor space, it’s the perfect time to freshen it up and get it ready for all the time you’ll be spending on it.

To give your outdoor space a stylish update for the summer, follow these simple tips that can be done in as little time as a weekend.

Summer Style Tips for Outdoor Spaces

Give everything a good cleaning

Always start with a clean slate – literally. Before you style your outdoor space, sweep or blow away any dirt and debris, then pressure-wash it. Wipe down the surfaces and furniture, clean the windows, dust off the light fixtures and ceiling fan, and get rid of weeds in the yard or garden.

Create pops of color

When you think of summer in terms of color, bright, vibrant shades likely come to mind. It’s all about fun and enjoying the sun. To instantly transform the atmosphere of your outdoor space, incorporate pops of color in the form of flowers and décor.

Plant some fresh flowers in your yard to spruce it up. If you don’t have room to plant flowers, bring in some pretty potted ones. Large pots look great on a larger space to make a grand impression while small tabletop pots or hanging arrangements look beautiful, too, in smaller spaces.

A colorful area rug, some accent pillows, new seat cushions, and even some art on the walls are easy ways to bring in color through the décor.

Incorporate water and fire elements

To make your outdoor space truly feel like an oasis, incorporate water and fire elements in the form of a fountain or fire pit (or both). You don’t have to spend a lot to get either of these features, but they will make a big difference. Water elements bring a relaxing vibe to your outdoor space, perfect for those days when you want to kick back and enjoy a lazy afternoon. A fire pit gives you a great spot in which to gather around with friends and family for a fun night roasting s’mores and exchanging stories.

Offer conversation areas

If you love to entertain, then conversation areas are a must. They don’t have to be large areas to be effective. Simply group your furniture in clusters that feel natural and have a nice flow to them. Not only does this make your outdoor space look more beautiful, but it will also encourage your guests to get comfortable and mingle.

Make sure each spot has a small table or two so guests have a place to put their drinks and food. Angle chairs to make them feel less closed off from the rest of the space while still creating an intimate setting. Be sure to offer comfortable seating.

Provide some shade

With the summer comes the bright, hot sun, so to enjoy the outdoors without getting a sunburn, incorporate some shaded areas. Umbrellas are a great stylish option and can be easily moved around or tilted depending on your needs. For a patio, outdoor curtains do wonders (and also provide some privacy). There are other more permanent options, too, like a trellis or built-in shades. Look at all your options to decide which is right for you.

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