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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Artwork


Choosing the right artwork for your home comes down to some very important factors. Follow these tips to get it right every time! Artwork is one of the most important finishing touches for a space. It brings character, creates a sense of coziness, and overall makes a home look more put together.

Over time, we’ve seen a lot of the same mistakes made in homes when it comes to the artwork. While art is subjective, how you display it can make a big difference not only in how the art shows, but also how the room looks. Choosing art based on the wrong factors, too, can leave you feeling unsatisfied with the result.

Here are five common mistakes to avoid when choosing artwork to help you make selections you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Art

Choosing clashing colors

While it’s important to choose art that you love, the experience of it will be ruined if the colors in the artwork clash with the colors in your décor. There should be harmony between both. If you have a particular piece of art that you absolutely have to display, then choose a color palette for your décor that will complement that piece. A neutral palette for your home will give you the most freedom when choosing artwork.

Selecting the wrong size

Another important aspect in the relation of art to your décor is sizing. When the sizing is wrong, the entire room can be thrown off and feel unbalanced. A small piece of art on a large wall, for example, will dwarf the art and make it look even smaller than it is. A large piece of art in a small area will overpower the space and make it look squeezed into it. In order to best enjoy the piece of art and create a pleasing look in the space overall, make sure the proportions are balanced.

Only choosing artwork based on color and size

Even though color and size are important, choosing art solely based on those factors isn’t a great idea, either. Artwork shouldn’t be an afterthought or a “paint by numbers” sort of selection. It will have a big impact on the style of the space and how you feel in it. Always take your time and choose artwork that you truly love, rather than select a piece simply because it fills certain quotas.

Picking the wrong frame

The frame around artwork can change the entire look of it, either by complementing it or ruining it. Again, size is an important factor. It should balance the art and suit the space. The color and style is also important. If you have contemporary décor, you’ll want to choose streamlined frames, whereas if you want something a little more glamorous, a more ornate frame could be the perfect choice. Just make sure whatever frame you choose doesn’t distract from the artwork itself.

Using inappropriate artwork for home staging

When it comes to choosing artwork for home staging, there is another set of guidelines entirely. One of the biggest mistakes there is choosing artwork that is inappropriate. This includes anything religious, political, offensive, or non-family-friendly. Choose art that complements the home without distracting from it.

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